7 Essential Applications after Fresh Windows Installation

After re-formatting our windows computer we get confused or many times forget to install some software applications which we need the most. Here I have complied a list of software which according to me are most widely used in our daily tasks. Although this list may change according to your use, I have listed the most widely used software.

  1. Drivers : You can install drivers from your motherboard CD or if you want latest drivers for your PC go to the official website of which the motherboard is and download the latest drivers and install them in your PC.
  2. Winrar : The most commonly used tool is Winrar. After installation of fresh copy of Windows, it is a must have tool.
  3. Anti Virus and Firewall : If you want a free antivirus product, I recommend using AVG 11 Free or Avast Home Edition. For a free firewall product, you can go with Commodo Firewall Pro.
  4. Download Manager : There are many download managers out there but one of my favorites is Free Download Manager, alternatively you can also go for Flashget.
  5. Tweaking Software : You must have a Windows tweaking application installed in your system. I use Tuneup Utilities 2009 and if you want a freeware I recommend you to use TweakNow PowerPack.
  6. Internet Browser : No doubt, Firefox still takes the first place. Although it is a personal choice when it comes to browsers. I personally like Chrome.
  7. Pdf Document Viewer : The most commonly used pdf viewer is Adobe Acrobat. If you want a light and easy to use reader than you can try Foxit.

Have I missed any application which you think should be included in the list? Please let me know through comments.

15 Replies to “7 Essential Applications after Fresh Windows Installation”

    1. Yes, if this post was intended for bloggers then I would have listed all the applications as well as the extensions I use for my blogging needs.

      I’ll do a next post with a list of applications for bloggers :). Thanks for an idea my next post as well as your inputs.

  1. Nice share, this is a constant reminder for people who keep on reformatting their computers. As for me, I have a list of the programs I often use and one of them is a must for me, my beloved Photoshop 🙂

  2. Dude u forgotted Deamon tools lite, nero, picassa, IE 8, and many other DVD encrypting softwares.
    No matter nice post keep going.

  3. I’ll suggest u the download manager. Its INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER. I had used it alot and it has amazing speed in downloading. It also supports youtube videos downloading

  4. This is what I do.

    1-install windows and service packs (service packs are not essential unless you have a good and paid antivirus)
    2-install chipset drivers and remaining drivers of devices
    3-install chrome or firefox as web browser and never use any edition of ie because after all those years it still loads up very slow.

    and always use portable versions of any additional software including browsers as well. they don’t stay in the registery and when you don’t need them you can wholly remove them from your computer easily.

    but i never

    install norton products or java. norton makes computer working extremely slow and java has got annoying update messages and keeps all updates in hard disk and you will end up cleaning all unnecessary older versions of it.

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