Has Microsoft Turned into a Company of “Second Best” Products

Microsoft has spread out too thin and is fighting on too many fronts, with products that are increasingly becoming second best. The lack of focus and relevance warrants a question, if Microsoft is a empire in decline.

Download Complete Windows Essentials 2012 – Offline Installer

As you know, Windows Live Essentials is a pack of Windows apps which includes Mail, Photo Gallery, SkyDrive, Live Writer and many more. With Windows 8 release not so far away, Microsoft released the preview version of the updated Windows Live Essentials, which is now called ‘Windows Essentials 2012’ i.e. without the ‘Live’ branding. The […]

Windows 8 hits RTM: General Release on 26th October

Just a few weeks after the Release preview, Microsoft confirms that Windows 8 is released to manufacture (RTM). That apparently means, the final version of Windows 8 is now available for OEMs to make necessary changes to their existing hardware. It all started with the BUILD conference in September 2011, and now RTM is a […]

Automatically Store Photos From Your Camera to Dropbox [Desktop]

Dropbox is ramping up its service in a big way over the past few days. For starters it has a new design for it’s website. It also has introduced photo-storing features from mobile phones and PCs. These new options by Dropbox are very important as soon it will face competition from Google and Microsoft with […]

[Windows Tip] Get Notified When Any Program Registers Itself to Run at System Startup

The one issue with installing a new software is that very often it automatically registers itself to Run during system start-up. I personally do not like this as at times it can really slow down my computer.  Many of these applications, register themselves without notifying the users. There is a discreet application which does exactly […]

Customize Windows 8 Metro UI with Metro UI Tweaker

Windows 8 the next operating system in queue from Microsoft, boasts of an entirely new user interface called the Metro UI. Metro UI is the default Start screen on Windows 8 which sports a set of tiled boxes on a green background. These tiles are Live and they fetch news / mails / current status depending […]

Free Software to Fix Dead Pixel on Monitors [Windows]

Even if your screen appears to be working fine, there still can be some dead pixels present which you are not aware of because that pixel always shows up only in a single color. It can be irritating to have dead pixels on your computer monitors.   How to find Dead Pixel: Usually these pixels […]

Windows 8 to Allows Users to Sign-In with Picture Passwords!

When using a laptop or a desktop, signing into your computer after the screen is locked is mostly done with keyboards. But the same cannot be said about touch screens. Apple worked around this problem with its now famous, slider unlock feature. Windows 8 will be used on tablets, PCs, laptops and even phones. So […]