Apple iPad 2 to be Available in India Next Week!

Apple iPad 2 was not really expected to hit stores in India for a while considering the first version of iPad were released in India only in February 2011.

OnlyGizmos which first broke the story, that iPad 2 will be available in India by April end.  This information was first received from sources.


Now atleast one vendor Vijay Sales has confirmed that it does have the iPad 2 tablet available through a tweet.

It’s finally here! Thinner, Lighter, Faster…The #ipad2 Now available at#VijaySales store near you. Go Grab It!!!

The price was not confirmed by Vijay Sales online and would be only revealed at the store, but it is probably Rs. 27,900/- onwards.

Why so early in India?

I think Apple had probably miscalculated the market demand in India for iPad devices. Possibly after iPad sales in India took off, Apple realized that there is a healthy demand for tablets in India but consumers might go for other tablets instead of wait for iPad 2.

This might have fast tracked Apple into making these tablets available in countries like India, earlier than previously planned.

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Source: Only Gizmos

4 Replies to “Apple iPad 2 to be Available in India Next Week!”

  1. am arun from a city called trichy in tamil nadu..
    its not a high tech city like delhi or mumbai.just a small one.
    u guys will never imagine the no. of iphone 4’s used in this city alone. and they are so eager to to buy ipad2 from imported from other countries.
    apple has got its name and it did it.

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