Chrome new beta version shows off speed with strange tests [Video]

Chrome browser has come up with a new Beta version for people to start using and downloading. This time Chrome promises browser speed 2 or 3 times faster than its previous versions. Their claim is that Chrome’s beta version will be able to load up in just about 200+ milliseconds. This is as fast as 1/5th of a second!

Changes with new version of Chrome Beta

Google Chrome developers are known to produce strange and interesting videos. So to show off the speed of Chrome Browser they hooked up a high speed camera and shot at speeds of 2700 frames per second to demonstrate the load up time for Chrome.

Here is a Video of these strange speed tests.

Download the new Chrome Beta from their landing page and try out the new features with your Chrome Browser. Do drop in your comments on your views about the new update.

**Link: **Chrome Blog

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