Kevin Spacey: How Netflix Model Can Save Television Industry

Kevin_Spacey_NetflixThe technology blogosphere has been buzzing with the discussion on a lecture by the movie star Kevin Spacey on how Netflix model can save the television industry.

The speech by Spacey is unusual because unlike other media entrenched stars he does not parrot the familiar idea that people who prefer to watch content on the internet are basically the ones who don’t want to pay for content they consume. He sensibly makes the point that consuming television content online is a matter of convenience.

He also suggests that the Netflix model would save the television industry from ruin as it embraces the internet and allows content to be viewed anytime and anywhere and on more or less any device. His advise basically is “let the talent do what they do, trust the talent”.

Kevin Spacey is not just an actor and is also a producer of the TV show “House of Cards” which is available on Netflix. All the episodes are made available at the same time. That means there is no particular time or day of the week a subscriber has to wait to catch a new episode.


The Video:

Currently, we have 100s of channels on television. Most of them we subscribe while some are free. Channels make money from subscribers and also from advertisements. They decide which television show to broadcast at what time and day of the week. Based on these revenues contracts are signed with television content makers.

What is the Netflix model all about?


What Netflix does is streams their content over the internet. So users to do subscribe to a channel but to a particular show.  All the episodes are available from day one once you subscribe. Basically it makes it very easy for users to  consume content whenever and however they want it.

Television channels are resisting this idea mainly because it threatens their existence in their current format. They are like the telephone companies who did not invest in the future which was wireless mobile technology; because they were too entrenched into the system.

Will it work? Do you think the future on television is embracing the internet or will cable and direct to home dish television survive? Do drop in your comments.


Motorola’s “Moto X” Features Leaked in a Video

While the rumour mills work overtime about specs and features on Motorola’s high expected phone “Moto X”, Google has still not really showed off this new phone officially. There was an event expected on the 11th July, but Google had quickly denied it was anything to do with Moto X.

The advert on Moto X (image below) showed that we can expect heavy customization options. But Rogers Wireless, a Canadian telecom company has leaked a advertisement about the new phone with some interesting features.

MotoX Invite

While Google Now is already baked into Android, it seems Moto X will ship with some features borrowed from Google Glass. It will continuously listen to the users for commands. In other words, to ask Google for a search while the phone is idle, it will only require a hands free voice command to the phone.

Another feature that seems interesting are icons displaying the type of notifications your receive while the phone is idle, which allow you to sort of ignore check the phone for every type of notifications.

Here is a leaked video of the Rogers Wireless advertisement

While these features seem to work with “Moto X” – I am guessing that the phone will also feature a new version on Android, possibly Android 4.3.

Do watch the video and drop in your comments.


Samsung’s horrible "S for Samsung style" idea! [Video]

The Galaxy S IV was launched in 50 countries which included India. Now when phones are launched companies try to find the weirdest possible ways to sing praises of its device.

So what did Samsung do?


They hired Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and made him dance to a song that was a remake (copy) of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video. The words of the song were “S for Samsung style”. The Korean lyrics of the song were further changed into praise filled phrases about Samsung’s Galaxy S IV phone. The song is even more ridiculous than I make it sound.

Below is the full video.

If I was ever going to buy Samsung Galaxy S IV, I think this video would have definitely changed my mind.

Jokes apart, Samsung might be doing great business and also selling millions of phones. But they definitely need to learn that it would be better if their phone did the talking and not some bizarre over the top song and dance show.

(via The Verge)


What does someone wearing Google Glass see? [Video]

Google Glass first person

Google has announced that it will start opening up Google Glass to public in a limited manner. People can start applying for Google Glass by declaring what they would do with Google Glass on Google+ or Twitter. It has to be the hashtag #ifihadglass.

The initial price tag for participants is $1500 US. But how will Google Glass work? Will the display screen on the side actually be a distraction or will it be something that adds to the experience.

Now with this video it shows more or less what someone wearing Google Glass will see.


I am excited about Google Glass. It is truly something that makes technology extremely personal. With products like Gmail, Google Maps, Android, Google+, Google Drive and Search, Google is uniquely positioned to deliver a product like Google Glass and make it work.

Check more details for Google Glass at its landing page.

What are your thoughts on Google Glass? Do drop in your comments.


Samsung Introduces YOUM Flexible OLED Display [Video]

At the recently concluded CES 2013 exhibition Samsung did disappoint mobile fans with by not revealing much about their mobiles phones they would be introducing for the year. But they did showcase a new display technology that could change the mobile industry all over again. It introduced flexible OLED display screen branded as Youm. That basically means the display screens can be bent around the edges of a device.

Samsung Flexible OLED Display

These demonstrations were made with only prototype but I do think considering they introduced these screens to in January, we should see Samsung include flexible display are only prototypes at the moment but it won’t be surprising if Samsung introduces this technology to their flagship devices.

Here is a video demo of Youm Flexible OLED Display by Samsung

Why Flexible OLED Display screens are better?

  • First advantage is because the screen is flexible, it becomes less fragile like say glass. It will make the screen almost unbreakable.
  • If the screen bends over the sides of the device, it can actually increase the display area without needing the device size to be increased.
  • Accepted wisdom is that such screens will consume a less power which means battery life is extended.

Do watch the video and let us know in your comments what you thought about this technology?


Access Facebook on Your Mobile Phone without Internet! [Video]

Facebook India recently announced that mobile users in India can also access their Facebook accounts without the need of a internet connection, with the help of an app called Fonetwish.

All you are need to do is dial *325# on your mobile phone. This will pull up a list of options via a console like interface to access your Facebook news feeds, update your status, manage friend requests and notifications.


Using Fonetwish App for Facebook on your Mobile Phone

  • This is done via using Facebook App called Fonetwish, which charges Re 1/- per day while updating status on Facebook is free.
  • This service is meant to work on any phone which could be an iPhone or even simpler lower-end phone models. There are no roaming charges either.
  • The only problem with using Fonetwish is that it has a limit of 140 characters.
  • This service is available in India on Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Videocon, Loop Mobile and Tata Docomo networks.

Video demo for using Fonetwish

This will be really useful for people who do not have a smart-phone but still want to check their Facebook account from their phone at a reasonable price.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Fonetwish


Today Apple’s iPod turns 10 [Video]

Steve Jobs introducing iPod in 2001When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, it was a company whose computers were over-priced and it was having serious challenges in the computer making business. Apple today is synonymous with the term ‘Post PC Era’ simply because they have moved away from the being computer makers towards making gadgets like iPod, iPhone and iPad tablets.

Apple has made a fantastic turnaround in the last 10 years so much so, that it has even overtaken Microsoft this year.

This turn around started 10 years ago, when Steve Jobs presented the iPod. The MP3 music player, which he perfectly described with the quote “A 1000 songs in your pocket”.

Also included below is a video of the event from 10 years ago; when Jobs introduced the iPod to the world.


It might be worth noting that even Apple fans were sceptical about Apple getting into the gadget industry away from its computer base.

Do drop in your comments.


How Rain Will Affect Cloud Computing! [Funny Video]

Cloud_computing_funnyGoogle does allow its users to store data in the cloud. Some people are still not so confident of storing data on the cloud for reasons of control, privacy and mainly offline access.

But I am sure that even Google would be stumped by these observations made by Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, a former additional commissioner on income-tax  in this video, who claims cloud computing will be affected when it rains.


I am not sure if the person is serious, but he looks quite convincing.

Maybe he needs to attend ABC Cloud Computing – India Forum to be held in Mumbai for a free pass (which you can win by taking part in the contest). The forum will have presentations about Cloud Computing by many IT Heads from various MNCs.

Do drop in your comments.

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[Video] Give Access to Only Leave Comments on Google Docs

Google Docs is one of my favourite ways to co-ordinate work with colleagues. Sharing and allowing people to work on a document in real-time is a great idea. Recently, Google is allowing only giving access to commenting on a document you share.

This is useful when you want some users and their opinion but do not want to grant them rights to make changes themselves.


  • Just open the document you have on Google Docs which you want to share.
  • Click on Share and add the people want to share the document with.
  • Now select a new option ‘Can comment’ and click on ‘Done’.

Here is a video I made on how to only allowing comments while sharing a document.

Do drop in your comments and view.

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Windows 8 Will Change The Way Copy-Paste is Done! [Video]

If you are using Windows 7, there is a good chance that while copy-pasting files from one folder to another, there may be two files with similar names. Considering copy-paste is one of the most used commands on any platform, Windows 8 tries to change the way people will approach copy-paste jobs.

With Windows 7, users get the options “Copy and Replace” , “Don’t Copy” and “Copy, but keep both files”.


I usually like to use the third option and then go over both files at some later time (which never happens :-P).

Windows 8 is changing how people resolve conflicting file names. Users will get the option to choose the files they want to be saved individually (see image below).


This will help users to actually select which versions of the files they want or keep both versions. According to official Windows 8 post, they plan to let users manage all copy jobs from a single place.

Here is a video with further details on Windows 8 file management basics

Windows 8 will be crucial for Microsoft, and new approach to file management is a good idea. What are your views? Do drop in your comments.