Get Address Proof Card in India From Post Office

india-post-logo One of the biggest problems students and working professionals with transferable jobs face is to get an address proof. Without a proper address proof, one can’t get basic things like mobile connection, internet connection, gas connection nor can apply for passport or open up a bank account.

Keeping this in mind, Indian Postal Department is issuing photo id card with address proof through their large network of post offices. The process is very simple and straight forward.

Procedure to get Address proof

  1. Obtain the form for address proof from your nearest post office by paying Rs. 10/-.
  2. After filling up the form submit it in the post office along with a fee of Rs. 240/-.
  3. A postman is sent by the Postal Department to verify the address you provided.
  4. After the verification is done you’ll get the address id card.
  5. The entire process can take up to 2 months, though it also depends on the efficiency of your post office. ;-)

You can also download the form from here. (In this case you’ll have to add the cost of form with the application fee, thus final amount to be paid is still Rs. 250/-).

address proof


Apart from the cost of application form which is Rs. 10/-, you also need to submit a fee of:

  1. Rs. 240/- for a new card.
  2. Rs. 140/- for renewal.
  3. Rs. 90/- for duplicate.

Salient Features

  1. The card serves both as identity proof and address proof.
  2. The card is valid for a period of 3 years, after which it has to be renewed.
  3. Not all post offices issue the card. So you need to find the nearest post office that provides this facility.

You can read more about this service in the official Post Office Guide –Section 63 (page no. 65).

Considering the wide range of Indian Postal Department, this step is going to help a lot of people, even those who live in remote areas. Looks like postal department is trying to revamp its image by introducing such public oriented schemes. :-D.

However apart from introducing such services, postal department should also ensure that the information is easily available to general public. Even though this service has been in operation for quite some time now, not many are aware of it. When I checked the official website of Indian Postal Department, I did not find this information online. Nor did contacting them on twitter helped (I’m still awaiting a reply after more than 10 days :-P).

Drop in your comments if you have more suggestions or tips on this post.

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  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Nice tutorial mate. But what special will this card do to us, since most of us are having voter’s card, driving license card, passport for identity and address verification?

    • Aditya Kane

      This makes it easy for us to get proof of address when we change cities. I personally had that problem as I did not have any rent agreement document so proof of address was getting almost impossible. Voter ID Card, License and passport is more like proof of identity and not necessarily address.

    • Anshul

      I also faced this issue when I shifted to a new city for job. Though I have voter id, passport and driving license, but they have my permanent address. This comes in handy when you need an address proof for the city you are currently living in.

      • Jagan Mangat

        I agree with anshul,the card is not so costly but one must have it and it adds to smartness(you need it on so many places).

      • Vaibhav

        Do it require any address proof… because i really donn have any address proof… n m leaving in delhi from last 2 yrs

    • kuldi

      @ satish. people usually get born in one place, get educated in another place and have jobs in different places. Not everybody has luxury to live and die in one address therefore it is quite important to something like this which you can get updated at 100/-
      you will know once you are in job and married, mate ;)

    • joe

      duh ! ,this is for the rest of you, dude

    • Manmohan

      Yes , Its a really big problem when you move to other city for a year or more…

  • Techsputter

    So You do provide helps is’nt it…..?
    So nice of you mate…it will definitely help a lot of guys around

    • Anshul

      Thanks buddy :)

  • avi

    thanks buddy
    thats really really useful info you shared
    thanks a million

    • Anshul

      Glad you found it useful :)

      • Sarva

        No body know about this card. Hence, if you produce this card for any purpose, all are ignoring this card
        Hence this becomes useless. Nor govt officials updAte thier knowledge
        Atleast the govt officials should know about this card and Accept this as an address proof. Don’t know when this miracle will happen

  • Amit Panchal

    Hey buddy,

    Its really helpful to all of us..
    Thanks for sharing imp. information..

    I expect same kind of information providing by you in future also.. :)


    • Anshul

      Glad that you liked the post. Hope to meet your expectations in future as well :)

  • Anand

    Thanks Anshul, lets try it and see how long it takes to arrive “address proof” at your home’s door step.

    • Anshul

      Yeah that is one thing to watch for ;). Let us know when you get the address proof.

  • karnan.s

    please help me i visited near by head post office i m residing in pallipalayam in namakal district in tamil nadu…i asked for the form but they r saying that order has been issued only for the municipality areas since i m in a panchayat area they r not issuing form…so pls send a solution for my problem..waiting to get ur reply…

    • Anshul

      Though you can also download the form from the link given in the post, but if they are not issuing it to Panchayati areas, then there is nothing much that can be done about it.

  • karnan.s

    hi they r issuing this form only to town areas and they r not issuing to remote areas…so pls solve my problem..

  • ramgopalan

    Dear sir,
    i had applied for the postal address proof,on 23 th july.whn would i get the id card.can u help me through.

  • amar

    Great piece of info. Only the 2 month thing seems to be a pain. Anyway, a lot is better than nothing even with some pain.

  • sam

    Hi, is this service available in mumbai?

  • ravi

    can you please let us know how many days it will take to issue card.

  • jayaram

    Dear all

    I am one of the Address proof card holder. valid up to 29.06.2013.

    While, marketing Address proof card by postal dept, it was informed me, this card is, can be used for address proof for various transaction. But I am facing still same difficulty for this card is accepted by anywhere.

    1. Bank ac opening / change of address.

    Both govt owned banks / as well as private banks are NOT accepting for a resident proof , says that this is NOT valid proof / NOT in our list Documents

    2. Appling telephone connection / mobile connection.

    Both BSNL and other mobile operators like…Airtel, reliance, tata Indicom etc… NOT accepting for a resident proof, says that this is NOT valid proof / NOT in our list Documents

    3. Appling Ration card – NOT accepting for a resident proof , says that this is NOT valid proof / NOT in our list Documents

    4. Appling voter ID card – NOT accepting for a resident proof , says that this is NOT valid proof / NOT in our list Documents

    5. Appling Driving license – NOT accepting for a resident proof , says that this is NOT valid proof / NOT in our list Documents

    6.passport office also NOT accepting YOUR CARD FOR A ADDRESS PROOF…

    Totally absolutely USE LESS… AND WASTE OF MONEY….

    In general, NO PLACE WILL ACCETING THIS CARD FOR A VALID ADDRESS PROOF. Then what is the use of obtaining this?

    I requested tamilnadu post master general to issue a circular to all the public / private Dept /govt dept especially public dealing dept to accept this card A VALID ADDRESS PROOF

    but ,no responce , and no use….

    any one planing to apply for the same, think twice……

    Thank you,

    Jayaram Singh

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Our government offices are all the same, no co-ordination at all. It’s been more than 45 days since I applied for this and not even the verification was done by post man. And now you also inform me that this isn’t going to help much as an address proof.
      This is plain cheating of public, wrong promises and wrong expectation.

      • trimurthy

        i got the card within 15 days and when i shifted applied again for it and got the second card with in 2 weeks.use these card as a stepping stone mate

  • Narayana Rao

    I agree with Jayaram Singh.I am not sure why Postal department has been issuing Proof of address cared without issuing a circular to all. I am also facing the same problem what Jayaram Singh stated here. No Public\Govt.\Private knows about this card. No use of this card. I applied and I got this card through Tathkal scheme by spending 600/-.Now i am not seeing any use of it. It better to give a public statement by Postal department.

  • Santosh

    I also think more befor this, but can you think what is benifit of Voter id where that should be valid for all over india, then why all the bank or any other not accepting voter id in one state to other states…

    this is realy very useless for indian government.

    • Pinaki

      I’m also agree with Santosh…Voter ID card also not accpet in one state to other state…

      • Rajan(msc)

        i agreed your comments …Voter id is waste in our country

  • p ravichandran

    Hope Telephone Department take necessary action to notify the genuinity of the identity card which they issue to be accepted by
    various Govt.schemes including passport. I feel same difficulty as I do not have any proof of current id with address for my daughter for applying for passport. Is there any other way? In the Web site of postal department also there is no provision or mention about the issue of id card by their department.

  • Charan Raj

    What are the acceptable ID proof and Address Proof in India.

  • Rupesh Saxena

    Can I get the Driving License with this card? Is it possible??

  • khaleel

    who to get form for address proof whom to summit this application form.

  • susanthi

    can i get the pass port and gas cylinder with the help from this card

    • Ramachadran

      I have used this ID for new gas connection in chennai and got the same

  • Karthik

    thats really great news at a single click, thats true spirit!!!!!!

  • manoj kumar nayak

    sir i am applied for postal proof before six month but till now not get any things.

  • Venu

    Thanks for the info, good sprit!!!! …plz update any new info..

  • Sanjay Kumar

    hi !! thanks for the post. I have applied for this adress proof about 45 days back. But I am still awaiting for the card. How can we check the status of our application.


    Post master general to take up seriously at least now to ensure that all govt. /public/private sector accept this as a valid proof. Banks have not accepted this as a proof. It is my personal experience too.

  • Satish Gaikwad

    I Was apply for Phto ID proof thru Dadra Sub Post, Pin code No. 396193 on dt. 05.05.2011 but till today i am not received any ID proof or any intiomation from concern department. Pl confirm where i should followup.

  • pkd

    nice information. thanx

  • http://gmail rukku

    better to give adds about this card

  • Srajan Nawal

    I Was apply for Phto ID proof thru Birlagram Sub Post, Pin code No. 456331 on dt. 15.06.2011 but till today i am not received any ID proof or any intiomation from concern department. Pl confirm where i should followup.

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  • Vinod

    thank you friend

  • hyderabadi

    I went to nearest post office to avail this facility and they told em that this scheme is stopped for now and don’t know whether this will be re initiated or not.

  • Masroor

    Is this proof acceptable while applying for passport

  • Binod Choudhary

    In Chennai Which post office is eligible for Providing address proff card

  • karthick

    can use this postal id card for applying passport?pls reply

  • Mahesh


    I would like to know that Is this address proof card can be shown as a resident proof to apply a pass port? As of now I dont have any address proff for the present address where am I staying. Or do we have any other option to take a address proof.

    Anyone could you please suggest me what can I do if I dont have any address proff.

    Thanks in advance

  • Vishnu Prasad

    This is makes every necessary, for people who shift from state to state, for there jobs, studies……..
    Thanks to the govt.

  • somanshu

    Thanks Mate. This is a very useful facility, and not many people are really aware of it. I had to take a mobile connection with my driver’s id. :D
    hope i can now transfer the connection in my name, and even apply for a passport.
    thanks again.

  • nirmal

    I am nirmal from mumbai.

    Can i apply for this type of card?

    I am proper from rajasthan and living as a PG in mumbai.

    Please reply.

  • praveen

    can some one tell me where can i check my status of proof of address.


    May i know in the current 2012 year also the postal id cards are being isuude via online filling.. Please give me reply

  • rakesh singh

    thank u for giving this very usefull information..

  • chalari sambasiva rao

    my address proof was expired in DEC how can i renewal send me massage .

  • Soumya

    Dear sir/madam
    If i’ll renew my address card after 3yrs ,then can i get a new card or not? Kindly reply.

    • Soumya Ranjan Pattanayak

      If i will not renew my address card it will be invalid or not. Kindly reply me through e-mail.

  • Ahsaan Ansari

    Thnks a lot, its very usefull info. one more thing, any idea about this proof usability? means where i can use it???
    like opening a bank account,applying for passport, buying a vehicle, it may b more.i m asking for usability in Delhi.

    • Aditya Kane

      Usually very useful whenever address proof is required. It is not a substitute for ID proof.

  • Swaroop Balakrishnan

    Post Office address proof card is not mentioned in any of the required forums for address proof including Passport application forms.It is high time this is included in all the relevant forms.Hope to see this implemented immediately.

  • pinky

    The nationalised banks accept the postal ID card as valid proof of address change. In Chennai, Canara Bank has accepted it as valid proof of address.

  • chetan

    is this id & address proof card acceptable by RTO (Regional Transport Office, Vashi, Navi mumbai) ?

  • RR

    Is it mandatory to submit date of birth to get post office I D along with application? Where there is no age proof of document, what have to do to get Post office ID.

    • Aditya Kane

      @RR: I think it is mandatory for date of birth. Anyways usually School passing certificate is enough as a proof of age in most cases.

  • shivank garg

    itz gud, but where should i post the form.????? just hand over the form to my post office who don’t even know about this scheme!!!!!

  • amit

    i have difficulty in attested documents from gazetted officer. can you tell me how to attest documents from gaztted officer.

    • RJ

      Go to an School Principal or a Surgeon Doctor or even a Local Corporation/Municipality head/chief and ask any one them if they r Gazetted. If yes, get Gazetted form them.. Some will put Sign and seal for free but most of them Charge some amount for doing this probably costing from Rs.20 to 50.

  • Kaber Vasuki

    Thanks for the information. My question is if you don’t have a permanent house address in the city (I keep moving between addresses), what do I do?

    • Aditya Kane

      @Kaber: You need to re-apply for this card at the local Post Office. It is meant for people who change houses all the time.

  • jayapaul james

    Is this scheme still in vogue?????????

  • sunil singh chauhan

    i allready submitted document in head post office Aligarh (U. P.) for making I D Card.
    But there is no card reach till now, whenever I submitted all document in office on dated 25th october 2012, UCR Receipt no is B 9123 & B 9124.

  • Amit

    Went to Azad Nagar PO, Mumbai, today. They have no idea such a card exists. They instead told me about ID card, for which I need to submit an address proof – like passport, DL. Why would I need a Post Office ID card if I have a passport already?

  • Balachandra

    I went get this card on CV Raman nagar post office bangalore, They have taken 25/- to give the form, after that they have asked me to submit the Address proof and Id proof to get this card .Foolish thing is if i have address proof then why do i required this card.

    Post office employees They even don’t what is the purpose of this card.


  • pius

    can any one tell whether this document can be used for applying in fresh passport

  • manish

    I have filled the form and when tried to submit it at GPO GOLE MARKET in delhi , to my surprise no one was aware of such services in GPO.