Opinsy–A Social Network for Opinions [Beta]

There are many new social media websites which try and get users to share photos, posts and videos. Opinions and polls are also socially very relevant but none of the major social media giants have been able to do get much traction here. Opinsy.com is a website which is about taking part in discussions and […]

Online tool to keep track of your mentions on Facebook/Twitter

If your company has a social presence on the web, you must be getting a lot of mentions online, from a lot of sites including Twitter/Facebook etc. Tracking and responding to all those comments can be overwhelming. Sure, you can use Google Alerts(even on a feed reader), but all you get is Google results which doesn’t […]

Popular News Reader app Pulse releases an HTML5 app for the web

Android and iPhone users are familiar with Pulse, a gorgeous news reader app providing an interactive way to consume news. Till now, Pulse wasn’t available on the web, except that you could able to read your ‘saved’ articles online. But not anymore, the team behind this app has made a slick HTML5 app which is […]

Bit.ly releases Realtime to Show Viral Content

Bit.ly links are everywhere on Twitter, Facebook and what not. Though there are several URL shorteners out there, Bit.ly was one of the first apps in this field. Taking this as an advantage, they have released Realtime – a search engine which helps you find viral content. The webapp is pretty straight forward, showing the […]

MyColorScreen – Show off your beautiful Android and iPhone screens

Customization is one of the best things about Android. You can do so many things to make the device yours, without even rooting it. Sure, iPhone users can customize too, but jailbreaking is too much of a hassle. So, if you have an Android or a jailbroken iPhone (because, you can’t do much with the stock), […]

Read RSS feeds in an interactive way with RSS Voyage

While you have apps like Flipboard, which lets consume information in a interactive way on mobile, there are not much options when it comes to desktop. You’re either stuck with Google Reader or some desktop RSS reader, they are definitely good apps, but no where near the interactiveness of mobile RSS readers. RSS Voyage tries […]

Showdown: Instapaper Vs. Readability

Ever came across a long article and wish you could read it in a ad-free, customizable place? Instapaper and Readability do just that, and that’s what today’s showdown is about. Interface Winner: Readability Interface plays a big role, after all, these two apps are intended to make an article clutter free and put it on […]