[Gmail] Schedule an email to be sent later with Boomerang

schedule_gmail_BoomerangAt work my email is managed thanks to Google Apps and my personal email account is on Gmail. Gmail has many fantastic features but lacks an email scheduler. Most times we do not need an email to be sent out at a later date but there are special occasions when I wish we could just schedule some emails out to people.

This happens many times during birthday’s and also occasions like Diwali, Christmas and New Year.

Boomerang for Gmail Features

  • Boomerang works as a add-on or extension with Firefox and Chrome browsers. It just adds an extra button which allowed me to schedule email at later times.
  • As you can see in the image below, there are many options along with sending the email after a specified amount of time or even set specific time in the calendar. It can also be set to be sent out at a random time.


I guess this year I can schedule “Happy New Year” messages to all my friends well in advance thanks to Boomerang!


Hope this helps your out on sending those short yet important emails which need to be schedule. Do drop in your comments and views.

Link: Boomerang

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  • sumanth

    they are many services to schedule an email ..but integrating dat future in gmail is really a good idea..and nice find aditya…thanks for sharing..

    • Aditya Kane

      you are welcome Sumanth. Yes the integration with Gmail is very very novel. Also wish you a happy new year.

  • vivek jain

    Wow. This would definitely reduce load tremendously on my iCal.
    Worthy Share :)

    • Aditya Kane

      Yup! this looks useful for birthday and other events.

  • Prasad

    Hey, last time you shared a post which helped postpone mail sending by 2 minutes. But this one is really worthy for birthday and new year wishes too :-) !

  • Huzaifa Darbar

    There is also other services like but that one is not worth enough. Nice Share!

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Awesome add-on, no need to see clock. Thanks a lot.

  • Ankit Das

    Excellent post… This post would be the one I guess would even help me for my work!! :) Thanks a lot.

  • joann

    Does it work with internet explorer?

    • Aditya Kane

      @Joann: Unfortunately this works only with Firefox and Chrome. Internet explorer is not supported.

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