CultAffair – New blog in our network!

Our (rtBlogs Network) journey into blogging started on this blog which was more or less a Tech blog. Devils Workshop grew steadily and got us working on creating a blog network. Then we launched Orkut Diary, Fbknol, WpVeda and CricTalks which gave us a wider scope. Today we have added another blog to our network. 🙂

We launched CultAffair on our network on 25th December 2010.

CultAffair is a blog that will cover the street. Often in our everyday life, we find many ordinary things on the roads and streets corners. There is a hidden world which we often ignore simply because we do not have the time to stop and look. CultAffair will try to do that and bring to you through its posts that “Ordinary is not Boring”.

This blog is the brainchild of Shradha Rao and you might be familiar with her posts on DW if you are a regular here.

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Also wishing all our readers a Happy New Year!


Vivek Parmar January 1, 2011

congrats for this, something new coming on DW and RT camp
Happy New Year
all the best for new venture

Aditya Kane January 6, 2011

Happy new year to you too Vivek, thanks for you wishes. We will try to live up to expectations in the New Year with out new venture – CultAffair.

Gourav @ BlogLiving January 1, 2011

First of all, I wanna wish all a Happy and Prosperous new year. Now about the new addition – Cult Affair : Its really awesome. Shradha has really got something new to me and would surely prove interesting to all as we can share anything we may find interesting in our daily life.

Good work !!

Aditya Kane January 6, 2011

Thanks and Happy newyear to you too. Yes Shardha has really spearheaded a new idea on CultAffair. It will be interesting seeing it progress in the future.