Gmails Spam Filter Crashed !!!

Just returned to my Gmail after dinner. Shocked to see 100’s of unread mails in Inbox thats too in 30 mins…

Check time column in following screenshot… are you also having same problem???

Gmail - Inbox (132) -

Update: This spam attack lasted for around 6 hours. After checking few spam mails I am sure that noboday attacked my email address. During same time frame, spam folder was empty. That makes it further sure that Gmails spam filters were crashed. Everything is normal now… πŸ™‚

7 Replies to “Gmails Spam Filter Crashed !!!”

  1. What??? I haven’t been bumbed so many spams, though received a couple of them at exactly that time! But not this much for sure!

  2. Everything seems to be fyn with my gmail….
    Nd da spam filter too is working efficiently….

  3. Hey…Something is really wrong with gmail..Today i got a spam mail in my inbox..{though i was not bombarded with such mails}

    1. @ALL
      The problem continued till 4AM… roughly for 5 hours.
      Total I got around 300 SPAM mails. πŸ™

      I was getting 2-3 spam mail per hour in my inbox till next afternoon… πŸ™

    1. @Aditya
      Problem is almost solved. I have checked servers and all mails were from different servers. Also spam folder was empty at that time.
      It only means spam was redirected to inbox… πŸ™

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