Special Dreamhost Promo Code: $200 Discount, 2000 GB Space & 20 TB Bandwidth

Dreamhost, our webhost, is offering best deal for 5 Devils Workshop readers. The offer includes upto $200 in discount plus Four times more space and bandwidth.

What Makes This Offer Special

Four Time Space And Bandwidth…

Dreamhost normally offers 500GB disk space and 5TB/month bandwidth. But if you use any of below 5 promo-code then you will get 2000GB space and 20TB/month bandwidth on your account. Moreover like normal dreamhost accounts space will be increased by 2 GB and bandwidth will be increased by 40 GB per week automatically! Click here for complete list of features!

$200 and $150 Special Discount…

On 5 year pre-payment you can get $150 discount and on 10 year plan its $200. So after going through latest price and discounts, you have to pay only $267 for 5 year OR $514 for 10 years!

Does it seem costly?

Lets do some simple math. For 5 year plan you have to pay $267. Thats $53.4/year or $4.45/month! Now worst blog or site on net can easily make $5 per month from advertising programs like Google Adsense and Kontera.

Now considering dreamhosts unlimited number of email/database/website/user accounts feature, you can sign-up for this huge package in group to bring cost further below. πŸ˜‰

Here Come Special Dreamhost Promo Codes…

Below are five promo codes which can be used only once. This blog have more than 1400 readers so hurry-up to be in first five… πŸ˜‰

  • 611728938829
  • 836647645340
  • 648904348837
  • 261934998661
  • 756464299312

Codes are not working…?

First check if you have right promo code from above list. Its random and 12-digit number unlike DW50 which is easy to remember.

Next note that this offer is only for new customers. Also a personal advice that don’t try to create a new account if you are already a Dreamhost customer. It is not allowed as per Dreamhosts terms of service.

If none of above works then you may missed this golden chance. You can still use normal dreamhost promo code DW50 for $50 discount on any plan over there… πŸ™‚

Link: Sign-up for Dreamhost

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p@r@noid November 20, 2008

261934998661 is also used by someone 😐

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

Well u can go for DW50 for $50 discount.
Dreamhost will be offering unlimited bandwidth and space on all plans soon.