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This is for all bloggers and webmasters…

Google Apps Logo Google Apps is a service from Google for using custom domain names with several Google products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs, Page Creator, and Sites.

If you have used these products, then just by registering a domain-name you can start a complete website. You can use Gmail for your mails. Also Google Docs for office documents like word files, presentation & spreadsheets.

If you are a big company or educational institute, you can use Google Talk for chatting. As an evil admin, you can configure chat to be only available between people under your domain only. 😉

If you just want some help to convenience yourself, check these official links.

Now moving on to the next point, which I am practically using! :-)

Gmail in!

Many bloggers and webmaster already use or like to use email address ending in their domain ex: [email protected], [email protected].

When we set-up an email address like above, we normally get free & open-source email program like SquirrelMail. Those who don’t like it, just configure all mails to be forwarded to [email protected] In either case there is something we don’t like.

But what if you get Gmail under your domain? Like! Yes, my email account [email protected] is hosted on Gmail.


More about configuration…

It can be simple like a click if you host your blog/website with webhost like Dreamhost. They offer full integration with Google Apps. With just a single click you can switch between Gmail and SquirrelMail.

If you just want to register a domain, register it via Google Apps or GoDaddy. In fact, Google Apps uses GoDaddy as their official registrar.

Rest, Google Apps like other Google services is well documented service. So I hope you will enjoy using it! :-)

A word about security…

Although SquirrelMail is an open-source project, security-wise its much better than Gmail and other commercial free mail programs. As a matter of fact, you can check unfortunate incident happened with David Airey, where a XSS-bug in Gmail left his business sabotaged.

Despite knowing this, I am using Gmail with Google Apps for my mails, but its my duty to alert you! :-)

**Links: **Google Apps | Compare Editions | FAQ | Dreamhost

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