Facebook Chat is Live Now…

Two days back I posted about upcoming Facebook Chat feature… Its live now!

Here are screenshots…

Facebook Chat - Default Version

Here are prominent features as highlighted by facebook…

  • Start instant conversations with all of your friends.
  • Check the Online Friends menu to see who is online now.
  • A green dot means your friend is available to chat.
  • Don’t want to chat? Make yourself unavailable.

few more…

  • You can update your status from chat panel
  • feature is implemented as a chat-bar. So length of page have no effect on user experience
  • speed is quite impressive (atleast as of now) considering the overall slow facebook!

To-Do list…

  • Group chat is not there as explained earlier.
  • There is no invisible status option. You can go offline but you can’t hide… šŸ™

It turn out to be much better than what I have expected. Specially pop-out chat window is something Gmail team have a look at. I am wondering why Gmail never thought about giving extra features in pop-out window!

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