Google introduces Public DNS to speed up the internet

Google recently launched it’s Public DNS service with a claim that they are looking to make the browsing experience faster. A faster internet is something that is very crucial to Google considering it’s domination of the internet. So with Google Public DNS they are looking to give us more options.

Google Code

Google Public DNS

Many amongst you might already know that DNS (Domain Name System) is used to fetch a website to your browser when you type in the URL. This DNS address is usually provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

An Open or Public DNS is basically an alternative that can be used instead of the DNS address allotted by your ISP.

Monetizing Redirection?

What good can come out of Google Public DNS?

An ISP which does not have a great record with it’s DNS servers might not get a lot of attention except by it’s estranged customers. Google being the internet giant it is, will be scrutinized very minutely and will receive bad press if it does not get Public DNS right.

This is a good thing as Google Public DNS still has to offer new services which can help filter and tune up your internet experience.

Let me know your experiences and thoughts on Public DNS through your comments.

**Link: **Google Public DNS Configuration

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