A keyboard just for Gmail

gboard1Yesterday Deepak Jain who is also a Editor with us at  rtBlogs, brought to my notice a keyboard which can only be used by Gmail users. I first thought it was a bit of a joke but the Gmail only device does exist and its called Gboard.

About G Board

  • This keybopard or rather keypad like device connects from a USB.
  • All its needs is a recent Windows OS or a Mac OS.
  • It needs browser which is recent. The website does not specify how recent but I assume all the builds over the last couple of years.
  • It is priced at $19.99.

Niche Devices and their need?

This is obviously a niche device and let me make it clear I am not really a fan of niche devices. I had once read about a device meant only for Twitter. A lot of experts panned it because it was priced almost as much as a smart phone.

The case with G Board is similar too. But I think it’s not really meant to be a functional entity but more like a collectors item for Gmail fans.

What do you think about such devices ? Do you think it’s a waste of time or do you think it has its own purposes? Do let me know through your comments.


Rishabh December 6, 2009

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but to me, these devices are just sick and plain joke. I’m in no way gonna buy them ever

Bhanu @ HackingArticles December 7, 2009

LoL….I Agree with you Rishabh.