Google launches DoubleClick Studio for Creative Interactive Advertising

image Recently, Google unveiled DoubleClick Studio, a tool that can help creative teams and media agencies develop and produce rich media ads using Flash and Web technology.

Types of Online Ads:


What is a Rich Media Ad?

  1. An ad that makes use of motion graphics, audio, and interactivity
  2. Are different from display ads (like banner ads, text ads, etc)
  3. Are more engaging to viewers
  4. Lead to better results

The Challenge?

  1. Difficult to design! Hopefully, Google will change that and make it more user friendly.
  2. Not for everyone! People who wish to use it have to request access from Google.

Features & Benefits:

  • Full range of intuitive Flash components to build rich media ads
  • Web app to manage and improve workflow
  • Faster turn around time and enhanced productivity
  • A fully searchable archive of work, structured by clients, campaigns and creatives

According to the Google blog:

“With DoubleClick Studio, we hope to make it easier for our existing users to produce rich media ads, and to expand the number of advertisers that can make these useful formats part of their marketing strategy. This is also a good thing for Internet users; rich media capabilities make advertising even more useful, letting a viewer interact with an ad and learn about a brand without having to leave the page they’re on. And, advertisers have an expanded creative canvas within the ad itself, allowing for deeper, higher-quality content in the ad itself.”

(Source: Google blog)

Link: DoubleClick Studio

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