Google launches URL shortener website with stats tracking

Google has launched a new portal for its URL Shortener service. This service was previously only available with Google toolbars and other services like Feedburner. There are some spin-off by 3rd parties which have browser extensions and bookmarklets for the short URL service. website is now active and allows you to create short URLs.

Features of Google URL Shortening website

  • I liked the simple layout. Just enter the URL and create the short URL. The threadbare nature of made me think of Google getting back to its roots. 🙂
  • Statistics for all the short URL you create can be tracked for how many people click on it.
  • Beyond that it also gives details like browser used, place and other details about people clicking on the shortened URL.
  • Considering it is Google, I believe that it will be a lot safer and secure. Google also plans to tackle spam with the same technology that is used to keep spam out of Gmail.

What next for

Google has announced that it will soon release a API for Google short URLs. This will obviously make it more useful to be used with 3rd party applications.

Google might be working on a new social network or rather a social layer which it wants to include across its services. If its true then a short URL service with tracking tools just might be a good start.

Do you think and other URL shortening services have anything to fear from Google? I think they have a lot to fear from Google URL shortening service a year down from today.

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  1. Twitter and google together make monetary bonanza to bloggers. is an another effort by google to make every wave application/tool under its umbrella “the google”.

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