Share a bunch of URLs using a single link!

I often come across a lot of related links when looking up or understanding something online. Most times I use delicious or bookmark these links to my into my browser. The dilemma is when we have to share a bunch of links in a list. Most times we have to manually type and arrange these links and send it through an email.

BridgeURL is one such site that lets me group together a list of URLs and share them in a single link.

URLXray: X-ray vision for short-urls for Twitter

Many Twitter users had to deal with mouseover issue with Twitter. This was created because of a security vulnerability on Twitter. That vulnerability has been fixed for now but one of the most basic vulnerable part of Twitter are the short URL’s. The reason is mainly that we do not know where we are being directed. This makes it a little dangerous.

URLXray is a nice online tool to quick look up a short URL and display the complete URL. This usually is very useful if you are using Twitter through the browser and not a desktop application.

Google launches URL shortener website with stats tracking

Google has launched a new portal for its URL Shortener service. This service was previously only available for with Google toolbars and other services like Feedburner. There are some spin-off by 3rd parties which have browser extensions for the short URL service. website is now active and allows you to create short URLs.

Will Twitter end up hurting its developer ecosystem with redesign

Twitter will be changing very soon. It is already carrying out a massive re-design of their website according to a Twitter employee who posted a doodle of what the new design could be like. I guess this is a way to start the much awaited monetization process of Twitter. Twitter has developed a system and […]

PrevURL: Preview Shortened URLs as Thumbnail

Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in spam advertising, phishing attacks on twitter. People fall into these attacks without knowing what is the destination URL when they click on twitter or any social websites. Most people who engage in phishing scam hide their links inside a shortened URL and spread them on social websites. […]

Use Bookmarklet and Firefox addon for URL shortener

I recently wrote about a how to use Google’s URL shortener service without any toolbars or extensions. To that post Matthew Flaschen commented about a couple of tools he has developed. They are a Firefox Addon and a bookmarklet to use I quite liked them and hence here is the review. Firefox Addon […]

Use Google URL shortener service without toolbars or extensions

Google has recently launched its URL shortener service and it has got a lot of coverage. I was just doing to catching up with some blog reading and I found that it is full of excited praise for URL shortener should be quite a big thing, considering Google is big fish on […]

Check where shortened URLs redirect you to with Unhid

NOTE: Unhid has not been working for a while now. URLXray is a an alternative. Read more about it here. Shortened URLs have been very useful, especially with the rise of Twitter. The problem is shortened URLs give you no idea about the page you are visiting and if it is safe website to visit […]

The shortest URL shortener

URL shortners are nowadays a necessity for bloggers and website owners because it makes our links convenient to post on twitter, Facebook e.t.c. Also there’s a word limit (140 characters) on the most popular micro blogging website  twitter. So obviously we need a URL shortener in which we can easily convert our links and that […]