Google’s Galaxy Nexus Opens Registration in India

Google_Galaxy_NexusGoogle just weeks ago introduced their supposed iPhone killer; with collaboration with Samsung. The phone called Galaxy Nexus will run on the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

The phone has some interesting features like Face Unlock and Voice Typing and Android Beam which will allow two NFC (near field communication) enabled Android phones to share files by simply holding them close together. This phone will be the first one running on Android 4.0.

Google has opened registrations for Galaxy Nexus in India and a few other countries. The phone will be released in US by November end.

You can register for the new Nexus here. There are no updates yet on when the phone will be launched or the expected price.

India: Hot destination for Phones and Tablets

Lately, we are seeing a lot of new phone and tablets models being made available in India far quicker than they used to be in the past. The reasons is a lot it is probably viewed as one of the biggest markets outside Europe and North America.

Interestingly, India does not have contracts with carriers; which actually make buying a particular smartphone quite cheap, like it is in Europe and the US.

I think it we might see Apple launching iPhone 4S very soon in India.

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**Link: **Google India Nexus

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