How to Recover Your Old Google Reader Data

If you are reading this post on Google Reader, chances are you are aware of it’s new user interface design. The new redesign has removed all the old social features. This includes all the people you were following and the posts they shared via Google Reader and all your shared posts along with ‘Likes’ to a post.

This change might have angered some regular Reader users and they might want to move their data on Google Reader or even backup data like who their contacts were on Reader.

Google Reader has new Import functions which allow users to download specific data they had on Google Reader which might not be available now with the new design.

Backup Google Reader Data

Google Reader Data Backup

  • Sign-into your Google Reader account and look up settings.
  • Under settings move to the Import/Export tab.
  • Here users can download all the activity stream data along with even all your subscriptions.

I like to create a backup file of all my subscriptions so I could share it with friends who do not want to use Google Reader and are prefer something else.

I am still getting used to the new layout and yes, I guess I will miss the old social features which are replaced by Google+. But I might start sharing on Google+; which might be what Google wants in the first place.

What are your views on the new layout? Do drop in you comments.

Link: Google Reader Settings