How to add images inside WordPress 3.0 custom menu

Everyone is quite good in using WordPress 3.0 custom menus. I am going to write about a hack. with which we can put an image inside the Menu. :-)

Some basic information about menus :

  1. Theme Location : Shows where to place the menus.
  2. Instead of pages or categories we can also place a Custom Link with custom URL inside Menus.
  3. The main container area: Which has the actual Menu.

To place an image inside WordPress 3.0 menu, we will go for a Custom Menu. In the custom menu there are two options:

  1. URL :-  Link of the menu
  2. Label: – What should be the label of the Menu.

See the Image below to add an image over the Menu: –

  1. Place your URL
  2. Place your complete image path
  3. Click on the Add to menu

After doing this , you will get the following screen:

After clicking on save menu refresh the web page, the final output is like this as seen below :

  1. Image through custom menu.
  2. WordPress default pages.
  3. You can see the image code inside the code.

Now you can see, that you have an image inside a menu or we can say you have an image over the menu. The main purpose to show you this example is that we can place an image inside a WordPress custom Menu. Basically this is a hack to place an image inside the Menus, but it can come handy in some other situations also. :)

If you have any other such hack do share it with me through your comments. :)

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