How to enlarge locked Facebook profile pictures

After Google plus, we finally found a way by which you can enlarge a profile picture of locked Facebook profile pictures album. People on Facebook lock their profile pictures so that it can’t be misused by their friends or any other Facebook user. Obviously anybody will not use a small 160x160px picture anywhere because faces on such […]

[Alert] Gawker’s Source Code & 1.4 Million Users Database is on Torrent for Download

I read somewhere longtime back that Internet is write-only medium, i.e you cannot delete once anything goes on the web! Unfortunately, for Gawker medias more than 1,400,000 registered users, above statement seem to be getting true. If you search for “gawker” keyword on any top torrent-search engines you will see list of torrents with all leaked […]

Convert Google Doodle Pacman into multi-Player Game

We just informed you about today’s Google doodle Pacman. Now here is a quick tip shared by Himanshu on getting lady Pacman into this game. Here is a quick post on converting your single player Pacman into Multi-player Pacman. You will be using keys ASDW to change directions. To get started with multi-player Pacman, hit On […]

How to Use Ultrasurf Proxy Software to Unblock Blocked Websites

Last time I had written post on Download ultra surf: Free desktop proxy software to unblock any website. Till now I’m using it effectively and it is helping me a lot to remove internet censorship.  This tutorial is for all those who are not aware of how they can use Ultra surf proxy software. Download […]

Five ways to download any image from any website

Saving pics from websites and popular social networking sites is one of the most trending topics of  internet. Because to avoid misuse of their pics, website developers have started using new techniques so that no one can download their images. Frankly speaking, no one here is meant only for normal Internet users, not for techie […]

Ultrasurf: Free Desktop Proxy Software to Unblock Any website

I hate internet censorship and in my opinion blocking any website is more like stopping someone from acquiring knowledge. Most of education institutions doesn’t allow surfing social networking websites like orkut, Facebook, Yahoo and so on.  We have already covered few posts which will allow you to unblock any websites. If you missed it you […]

Chinese hackers target Indian government

A day after Google made public that they were under a well organized attack from Chinese hackers news has trickled in that certain Chinese hackers have targeted computers within the Government trying to snare many top level administrators. Apparently an email was sent to top level bureaucrats from a dormant email id. This allowed the […]

10+ Tips to protect your Facebook profile from virus and hacking

The months September and October were not good for Facebook’s security system because of the virus that hit Facebook. But it’s more important for an individual Facebook user to protect his/her own profile from these viruses than that for Facebook developers itself as some of the viruses or an attempt to hack your profile can […]

New Orkut Bug – Find E-mail address of any Orkut member

Again the credit behind the discovery of this bug goes to Gaurav Dua. Just a day ago Gaurav mentioned on his blog, about how Orkut can be exploited to get mail id of any person, even if he/she is not in your friend’s list. I think this is a serious concern and should be checked […]