Apple iPhone 4S; features and specifications

Finally Apple launched its new iPhone that is iPhone 4S in Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event. Unfortunately it’s an upgraded version of iPhone 4 than a completely new phone. People and companies waited for 15 months for the launch of this phone and it’s quite disappointing now to see minor hardware changes. Mainly they upgraded the camera and processor keeping the looks same as iPhone 4. Another change in this phone is that iPhone now supports both GSM and CDMA whereas there were two separate models for both of them in iPhone 4. Let’s have a look at complete specifications.

iPhone 4S features and specifications:

These are the main features of iPhone 4S and there will be 200 new features as well which will come with the new iOS. That means you can have those features in your iPhone 4 as well. Since the changes in the new iPhone are minor so most of the iPhone 4 users won’t upgrade their iPhone and they will simply install the new iOS 5 for new features. But this new iPhone is quite disappointing. Let’s see the market response after they starts shipping it.

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