Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 7.7: Then Removes it Because of Court-Orders

I still remember the year 2009, people hardly took announcements of a tablet device very seriously. Mainly tablet computers were just fancy gadgets no one really bought. Apple then introduced iPad and the rules of the game changed. The tablet market is growing with almost a new Tablet being unveiled every month.

Samsung has unveiled its new offering, Galaxy Tab 7.7.  The unveiling was done at IFA 2011 in Berlin.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Specifications

Court Orders forces Samsung to remove Galaxy Tab 7.7

A couple of days later, Samsung has stopped pulled all Galaxy Tab 7.7 devices from the exhibition.

Samsung is facing many patent battles over its Galaxy Tab device. Apple is suing Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Düsseldorf, Germany for patent violations. Currently this has blocked up the gadget from being sold in Europe.

Samsung will have to deal with these patent lawsuits as it is literally facing difficulty in finding a market where it can actually sell their products. Also people at Google must be worried as Samsung is a major vendor for their Android OS.

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Source: PC World

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