Apps & Oranges – An App Directory That You Can Edit

Being an app junkie, I like trying new apps, in fact I’m writing this using Live Writer even though I could use WordPress’ default editor, because I prefer desktop apps. Apps & Oranges is a new software directory which aims to best permanent destination of apps.

Apps & Oranges

Features of Apps & Oranges

  • Apps & Oranges is basically a repository of apps related to all platforms, that includes Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Web (sorry Linux!).
  • To get started, fill the blank in “ What are the best _________ apps in Windows” (or any other platform). If you need blogging apps, fill the blank with “Blogging”.
  • Next, you get a list of apps which are related to the question you’ve asked, you can vote the apps too.

RSS Reader apps for iPad in Apps & Oranges

  • Click on the app to get more information, you’ll be provided with a link to the developer site.  Apps & Oranges doesn’t host any apps.
  • Apart from voting, you can also add a review to the apps you’ve used.
  • If you’re interested in a topic, say blogging, then you can even follow the question “What are the best blogging apps for Windows” (or any platform) and you get an email, when a person posts a new app in that topic.
  • If there are none or fewer apps related to a topic, then you can add any of the apps you’ve used. Even the apps that are added by other members are editable, like Wikipedia.

Suggesting a new app


Apps & Oranges is still in beta, so if you’re eager to try, we can give you some invitations for free! For invitation just retweet this post and drop in a comment with a URL of the Tweet.

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Try Apps & Oranges today and tell us how it works for you.

Link: Apps & Oranges