Why Chromebook Pixel’s Pricing Actually Makes Sense

As Google unveiled Chromebook Pixel, a high end laptop that is priced very high at $1299 (WIFI) and $1499 for LTE version. The high price for the laptop is attracting a lot of criticism and even I at first wondered what exactly was Google doing here.

It has only 64GB internal memory, it runs on Chrome OS which is basically a juiced up browser. Add a couple of hundred dollars to the that price tag and one could by a MacBook.

Chromebook Pixel

So why would someone pay $1299 for a Chromebook Pixel?

  • The answer is simple. Google offers 1 TB cloud storage for 3 years with Google Drive.
  • The pricing for Google Drive’s 1 TB package is $49.99 on a monthly basis (Google Drive Pricing).
  • So for one year storage, the pricing will be $599.88.
  • Multiply it by three years and that goes up to $1799.64

So basically, if I was someone who purchased 1 TB storage space on Google Drive, it might be a great idea to buy Chromebook Pixel just for the storage. The awesome display touch-screen laptop is a bonus.

I am not sure how many people buy 1TB storage space on Google Drive, but I am sure Google has taken a calculated risk at wooing those high-end cloud users onto Chromebook Pixel.

Do you still think Chromebook Pixel is over-priced? Do drop in your comments.

Chromebook Pixel: Google’s answer to Macbook Pro

Google’s Chromebook experiment has always been mildly interesting. Chromebooks were lower low priced laptops running on Chrome OS. The Chromebook have everything stored on the cloud and even all the apps on it are online. That is about to change with the newly announced Chromebook Pixel.

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel Features

  • The Chromebook Pixel boasts of screen with the higest pixel density around. Its packed with 4.3 million pixels. No prizes for guessing that this one is Google’s own version of retina display screen.
  • The Pixel will feature a Intel Core i5 processor. That is a remarkably powerful processor for a device that basically will run web apps.
  • Chromebook Pixels will come in two prices – $1299 for the WIFI only laptop. The $1499 is the LTE version.
  • The internal memory of Chromebook Pixel will be 64GB.
  • The Chrome OS version on this will support touch screen.
  • Chromebook Pixel is available only in US and UK at the moment. It can be bought via Google Play.┬áIt is also available at BestBuy stores in the US and Currys PC World in the UK.

Does it compare at all with Apple’s Macbook Pro?

Chromebook Pixel is a high-end laptop and it is obviously taking aim at Apple’s Macbook Pro. How does it compare with the Macbook Pro? I do not think anyone using a Macbook will actually move away to Chrome Pixel. That looks very unlikely. Chromebooks Pixel simply does not have the legacy of Apple’s macbooks. The only advantage it has over Macbooks is a touch-screen.

But looking at Google’s advertisement (video below) for Chromebook Pixel, I can’t help but wonder if they are copying not just the look and feel of Apple’s Macbook but also copying the look and feel of their Apple videos.

Apple a few years ago, betted on the post-PC world. A world where your primary device to access the internet is either a smart-phone or a tablet. Google is betting on something similar. It is betting on the post-local storage age (odd sounding but its the best I could come up with).

Google think and probably rightly so that in a few years we all will access to super fast internet and much of our data will be stored online and not locally.