Why Chromebook Pixel’s Pricing Actually Makes Sense

Chromebook Pixel might look over-priced until one takes into account the money saved if someone was buying 1 TB cloud storage space on Google Drive.

As Google unveiled Chromebook Pixel, a high end laptop that is priced very high at $1299 (WIFI) and $1499 for LTE version. The high price for the laptop is attracting a lot of criticism and even I at first wondered what exactly was Google doing here.

It has only 64GB internal memory, it runs on Chrome OS which is basically a juiced up browser. Add a couple of hundred dollars to the that price tag and one could by a MacBook.

Chromebook Pixel

So why would someone pay $1299 for a Chromebook Pixel?

  • The answer is simple. Google offers 1 TB cloud storage for 3 years with Google Drive.
  • The pricing for Google Drive’s 1 TB package is $49.99 on a monthly basis (Google Drive Pricing).
  • So for one year storage, the pricing will be $599.88.
  • Multiply it by three years and that goes up to $1799.64

So basically, if I was someone who purchased 1 TB storage space on Google Drive, it might be a great idea to buy Chromebook Pixel just for the storage. The awesome display touch-screen laptop is a bonus.

I am not sure how many people buy 1TB storage space on Google Drive, but I am sure Google has taken a calculated risk at wooing those high-end cloud users onto Chromebook Pixel.

Do you still think Chromebook Pixel is over-priced? Do drop in your comments.


Karthik February 24, 2013

I don’t think its overpriced at all. Did we hear anyone saying mac book is overpriced ah? No, because it is quality that matters and not the price. I’m sure Chromebook will come out as a huge success in the market and will take lead for its innovation. And yes, this is certainly a calculated risk by Google but i’m sure it will be worth it!!

Giri March 1, 2013

Its really worth for those are living in US, UK, South Korea, Japan, HongKong and Singapore since here the internet speed is very good of course most of them are unlimited download. so better they can store all the documents , movies, setup in the cloud. Google has two step verification so security is also good.