Six Days in Fallujah: The Big Game-Controversy

Video games are basically for fun and entertainment, but some seem to get carried away and go a little too far.

One such recent game is “Six Days in Fallujah” that ended up in controversies, and led to a massive public uproar. On April 27, 2009, Konami suspended its role as its publisher. Although the game is still in development by Atomic games, but Konami will not be publishing it anymore.


Not long after the announcement of the game, Six Days in Fallujah got buried with criticism by war veterans from the UK as well as a UK peace group, Stop the War Coalition.

Reg Keys, father of slain Red Caps Lance Corporal Thomas Keys, said:

“Considering the enormous loss of life in the Iraq War, glorifying it in a video game demonstrates very poor judgment and bad taste…

These horrific events should be confined to the annals of history, not trivialized and rendered for thrill-seekers to play out…

It’s entirely possible that Muslim families will buy the game, and for them it may prove particularly harrowing. Even worse, it could end up in the hands of a fanatical young Muslim and incite him to consider some form of retaliation or retribution.”


On asking if he would oppose the release of the game, Tim Collins, a former lieutenant colonel of the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment, shared a similar comment:

“It’s much too soon to start making video games about a war that’s still going on, and an extremely flippant response to one of the most important events in modern history. It’s particularly insensitive given what happened in Fallujah, and I will certainly oppose the release of this game.”

Many people felt that the war of blood carried out by the US and British forces in Fallujah in 2004 have been amongst the worst of the war crimes carried out immorally. If you look at it, to make a game out of a war crime and to capitalize on the death and injury of thousands, might not be acceptable.

Said, a representative from the UK peace group:

Any massacre should be remembered with shame and horror not glamorized and glossed over for entertainment.”

This multi and single user game runs on platforms – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. Atomic Games said that the game’s environments are 100% destructible and degradable thanks to a completely custom rendering engine. They are still hopeful it will still be released under another publisher. That is yet to be seen.

(Source: GameStop)

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“Top Gun” now on iPhone as a Game

top gun iphoneParamount Digital Entertainment released a new game, developed by Freeverse software, called Top Gun for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is based on the popular movie – Top Gun and is reported to cost around USD 2 in the beginning.

The Plot

The plot of the game is a based at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, where instructors Maverick and Iceman help players compete to become the next Top Gun.

  • You get to play as a hotshot trainee who becomes an accomplished fighter pilot, over the course of ten missions.
  • The scenes are rendered in a cartoon style /would remind you of the old Nintendo version).
  • You fly modern aircrafts like the F-22 Raptor, dodging incoming missiles and shooing down enemy MiGs.


For those of you who don’t know, here’s a brief background of the film. The movie Top Gun was released way back in 1986 in association with Paramount Pictures. The film broke records at the box office, becoming a mega hit, accumulating over $350 million worldwide.

Tom Cruise is Maverick, a daring young flyer who’s out to become the best of the best in the danger and excitement that awaits every pilot at the Navy’s prestigious fighter weapons school.


Two game modes have been included in the launch package – Story Mode and Instant Action. In all there are 10 missions and varied environments like oceans, deserts, canyons and city centers, in the daytime and at the night. The game features aerial and ground-based obstacles while background music has been picked from the movie.


iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update.

The familiar faces, adrenaline-pumping theme song, and the dogfights will remind anyone of the original release. Sounds exciting. Waiting for a “Ride into the Danger Zone!”

Link: Top Gun

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Swinefighter – The Swine Flu Game

The Swinefighter Game – Honestly, I am not sure whether I should really call this “fun” especially after knowing how serious the subject is and how rampantly the Swine Flu virus has been killing hundreds of people around us. Some like me might say that Swine Flu is not a laughing matter, however, the Swine Flu video game (capitalizing on the lighter side of the influenza) seems to be an online hit already!

The purpose of this game is entertainment only. But, the site also offers advice from the U.S. Center of Disease Control on the do’s and don’ts to avoid the flu.


How does it work?

This game lets you kill the “killer pigs” or the swine flu virus right on your computer. (I tried it, and I wasn’t that thrilled.) Unless you are just looking at taking out your frustrations on the Swine Flu, this game seemed pretty boring to me.

When I checked that status online, it said some 5,259,544 viruses were destroyed already.

Sigh! I wish that could have helped for real.


Link: Swinefighter

Some Preventive Measures you should follow to not get Hacked!

If you are a follower of the Orkut Help Group, you must be aware how, in the recent days, many Orkut accounts were being hacked and as such, help group was flooded with questions on how these types of automatic account deletion and hacking cases should be handled.

To help people on tackling such hacking and automatic account deletion cases, Sreejoy – An active member of the help group has suggested some safety measures that every Orkut users should take care of.

  • Do not visit unknown profiles, as they may contain virus and malicious elements.
  • If possible avoid saving pictures from unknown Orkut profiles.
  • Never open multimedia scraps like music, videos, etc.
  • Also, do not forward such multimedia scraps as you too may help the hackers.
  • Just to increase your total friends count, do not add or accept unknown people as a friend.
  • As the home page of Orkut says “Never click any links or use java scripts while logged in to Orkut, doesn’t matter what they claim to do”. Even I would request you to adhere to this statement of Orkut.
  • If you keep in mind the above few things before logging into Orkut, I am sure, you will have a splendid Orkutting experience. 🙂