Some Preventive Measures you should follow to not get Hacked!

If you are a follower of the Orkut Help Group, you must be aware how, in the recent days, many Orkut accounts were being hacked and as such, help group was flooded with questions on how these types of automatic account deletion and hacking cases should be handled.

To help people on tackling such hacking and automatic account deletion cases, Sreejoy – An active member of the help group has suggested some safety measures that every Orkut users should take care of.

  • Do not visit unknown profiles, as they may contain virus and malicious elements.
  • If possible avoid saving pictures from unknown Orkut profiles.
  • Never open multimedia scraps like music, videos, etc.
  • Also, do not forward such multimedia scraps as you too may help the hackers.
  • Just to increase your total friends count, do not add or accept unknown people as a friend.
  • As the home page of Orkut says “Never click any links or use java scripts while logged in to Orkut, doesn’t matter what they claim to do”. Even I would request you to adhere to this statement of Orkut.
  • If you keep in mind the above few things before logging into Orkut, I am sure, you will have a splendid Orkutting experience. 🙂


prashant January 8, 2009

hey, can u help me.?
just few months ago..
when somebody joined specific communities than,those community make his/her fake profile and send scraps to friend list .what was the logic behind that hack?

Gautam January 9, 2009

There can be some more points:

Never download some 3rd Party softwares or never download anything less than 10 KB, most of the programs less than 10 KB are Viruses.

After you have logged into Orkut, never login again. It might be a fake page. Just type in the URL Bar.

Never run javascripts which you feel are encoded. Never install Greasemonkey scripts unless you feel that they are safe.

I never came around something like that. But maybe that time ScrapAll script would be there. So people would listen to their friends and the hackers make the Fake profile of that person, add his/her friends and scrap a script to install saying that this is ScrapAll script. And when the script would be run, maybe the script would make the people join a community.