Facebook testing Check-ins for Events!

Facebook is testing the new feature that allows users to check-in to Facebook Places on a Facebook event page. The new feature will make Facebook places more popular and people may find it interesting to share their locations with a simple ‘yes-no’ for the event!

A blue Check In button has appeared for some on Events pages, as in the image below. The user has to have confirmed they are Attending, the current day has to be the same as the one for the Event, and users have to be geographically close enough to the event’s Facebook Place, according to All Facebook.

This new feature is only available on the mobile version of Facebook. Ah, so all people who are enjoying their Facebook on mobiles will love this feature. What about you ? Share your view with me.

Facebook Places now in India !

Facebook places let your friends know where are you, what are you up to . 😉 If you are using Facebook on phone then you must be knowing this. 🙂 See where friends are. Discover new places.

With Facebook places you also get Facebook deals. There are certain deals and offers specially for you if you using it. 🙂 Well, the news is that Facebook places are now working in India on Blackberry and iPhone (Source) !

My friend has this feature and using it. I personally feel very happy when Facebook rolls out some feature for usage in India. Generally all the features are delayed here. I wonder what is the reason.

Well, do let me know if you also have this feature. 🙂 Share your views on the usage.

Unmerge your Merged Places Facebook Page

Some days ago Facebook launched a new feature Unmerge to its Facebook merged places pages.

Now you can unmerge your Facebook page with the Places. This can be a good thing as merged Place Pages were unable to set a default landing tab which could create a mess at times.

With the new feature you can freely unmerge things and that lets you restore all the functionalities of the separate entities. Unmerged pages have a single physical location.


Admins of merged Place Pages now see an “Unmerge all merged Places” button in the bottom left of their Page. When clicked, a confirmation message is displayed you just need to click on Confirm and the work is done!