Review of Samsung Galaxy Note: Should You Buy It?

Samsung seems to have hit another milestone with Galaxy Note. It has tried to bridge the gap between a tablet and a phone. It has a lot of features. I decided to review the phone so you can make up your mind, on whether one should buy it or not.

Samsung Galaxy Note Features

  • Samsung Galaxy Note is very thin and light. It weighs only 178 grams. Display screen is 5.3 inches and 1280 x 800 resolutions is a nice experience to view video file with HD AMOLED display.
  • It has dual cameras, primary camera and secondary camera. Primary camera has 8 Mega Pixels with LED which is placed at back of the Note. Secondary camera has 2 Mega Pixels which is placed at the front of the note. It also has photo-editing and movie-maker options.
  • It has two sets of in-built memory space that is 16 GB and 32 GB. The phone also has a 1.4GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM.
  • It has 2500mAh battery which is used to give long battery life to Samsung Galaxy Note. We can use Samsung Galaxy Note up to 13 hours when we use 3G network and it will have battery life up to 25 days in a standby mode
  • Other features include support for YouTube, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and more. Polaris office and Mini- Diary are the application used to support word files.

Operating System for Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note has Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) running on it. Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update is expected on Galaxy Note devices early in 2012.

Price: INR 33,000/– Approximately.

If you are looking to buy a smart phone only it might be considered to bulky or if you are looking only for a tablet then it might be just too small. That is exactly what Galaxy Note is, a compromise gadget for people who want a bit of both (tablets and phones).

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How Do People Use Mobile Apps! [Infographic]

I often see my friends and colleagues hooked to a phone app. It might be Facebook, Twitter or an email app, but almost every smart phone user ends up having their favourite Apps. Phone Apps have actually made things a lot easier. I know some friends who do not even sit in front of their computer for days, because of smart phone apps.

Here is a nice infographic from XCube Labs, which show some interesting statistics. For example, an astounding 77% smart phone users have used it to search online. And 95% of them are searching for local information.

It also shows that Apple iPhone users end up spending, twice as much time than the average time spent on gaming.

How Do People Use Mobile Apps!


Thanks to Dheeraj for the tip. 🙂

Do you own a smart phone or plan to buy one? Which one would you choose and why? Do drop in your comment.

Facebook phone- Yes or No?

After conquering many fields like applications and games now Facebook is planning to build its phone or may be an Operating system. There are so many talks going on whether what is Facebook now up to? Some saying yes they are creating a phone and some just not agreeing with others.

As quoted by Techcrunch Facebook is definitely up to something. A phone exclusively for Facebook-sounds interesting. Facebook is very much denying the news. They replied to the Techcrunch news people but I wonder why did they even care to reply if the news was not true? May be they all want to keep the news a hush-hush and let it out as a surprise. But whatever they are thinking this news has surely spread like a fire. Several news resources like ABC news,CNET etc are mentioning about it. There have been more than 335,000 Google hits since 24 hours and still counting.


According to Techcrunch Joe Hewitt of Firefox fame and a creator of Facebook’s iPhone apps, and Matthew Papakipos, formerly of the Google Chrome OS project – are busy with the phone. 🙂

Whatever the truth I do want Facebook to come up with such a phone. Imagine the kind of revenue it is going to earn and the popularity. Imagine a smart phone being more than just a phone-rather Facebook phone!

Things Facebook should remember if they come up with a phone someday can be reasonable price,available all over the world and better privacy! What do you think about Facebook phone? Do share your vies with me.