12 Reasons why Facebook can suspend your account

Today I am going to tell you why Facebook can disable an account and trust me that it’s not a rare case when Facebook disables a profile or account, if you violate their any of the term or condition they will disable your account within a week. That’s the reason what makes Facebook clean and a social networking site with better privacy.


Below are the reasons why Facebook can suspend an account:

  1. Nudity or Pornography: This is the most common reason why a Facebook account gets suspend. If you use any such kind of picture or video anywhere in your profile or on Facebook, your account will be suspended without even a single report abuse.
  2. Abusive Language: If you use abusive language while writing anywhere on Facebook then they may suspend your account. This is generally when someone “Reports” your profile.
  3. Fake Profile: If you are using a name of a celebrity or any other person’s name rather than your own original name, they will suspend your account.
  4. Threatening Someone: Never ever use a Facebook profile for threatening anyone doesn’t matter if it’s just for fun. Facebook takes this thing very seriously and they will immediately ban you.
  5. Hate Speech/Content: Some people use their Facebook account to make a group/page against any particular person or thing. Never do such kind of things and neither post anything anywhere on Facebook which is against any particular person.(recent example is ‘Should obama be killed’ poll)
  6. Using profile for Spamming: Not only Facebook but the whole internet hates this. Never ever use your Facebook profile to promote your product or website. However you can create a new page for promotion.
  7. Too many friend requests: If you just love to add random people and keep adding other Facebook users then this could also be a reason for account suspension. Add less than 20 people per day.
  8. Malware/Virus: If your profile is sending virus/infection by any means to other Facebook users or their own servers that they will suspend your account immediately.
  9. Too many groups: Never join more than 200 groups a day. If you exceed this limit, they will suspend your account.
  10. More than one profile: If you are using more than one profile from the same name and information then one or both of your account will get suspended.
  11. Too many messages: If you post too many message on your friend’s wall or inbox, it will be considered as spamming.
  12. Same message, different content: If you want to post same message again and again then always make some changes in it else it will be considered as a spam.

So any one or more than one points could be answer to your question “Why Facebook disabled my account”. The points mentioned above are against their terms and conditions so try not to violate it.


michael April 7, 2011

never happen. facebook center no action. because i am report fake profile pretending me. no action. make me sad 🙁
i am traumatic with facebook…