12% of the World still uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 6!

Yes, it is official and no one else than Microsoft made it official. 10 years and now Internet Explorer 6 will no more be officially supported by the company. And guess what, Microsoft is too happy to bring IE9 to people worldwide.



As in Feb 2011, the usage of IE6 stands at 12% of the world total. If we hold our looks towards the Chinese percentage, it’s a rocking 34.5% followed by South Korea where about 25% people still use Internet Explorer 6. Isn’t that surprising?



DW ie6close_2


It is quite surprising that Microsoft is promoting it’s new Internet Explorer 9 by creating a bad word about Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft through it’s dedicated website wants to bring the IE6 usage to less than even 1%. I have seen no other company doing so in the past, probably Microsoft is all about creating a difference Winking smile


DW ie6close_1


LINK: The IE6 Countdown

3 replies on “12% of the World still uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 6!”

  1. I think these 12% are web-developer who use IE6 for testing their website . . . I think they should stop providing support for IE6 ….. 🙂

  2. well according to me as mostly people using XP as their main OS and we get IE6 as the bydefault browser in it so thats why its there,many update their windows to latest browsers few get errors and roll back to the version 6 and still there

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