5 Android Apps Which I Love On My Samsung Galaxy S2

You might have heard that Samsung has surpassed the sale records of other competitor mobile phone companies’; they even left Apple behind in number of smartphone sales. The two devices which contributed in Samsung’s record breaking sales are “Samsung Galaxy S II” & “Samsung Galaxy Note”.

I purchased Galaxy S II few months back and love Android OS because of its flexible nature and high level of customization capability. I had tried 100s of Apps and about 20 custom ROMs on my Galaxy S II.

I thought I will share with your app that I most love using on my Galaxy S II.

#1. Wi-Fi Keyboard

Wi-Fi Keyboard is an amazing and useful app for those who text a lot. It is tough to write a long email/text on a virtual keyboard. With this app, you can use your laptop/PC’s keyboard for typing text on phone.

WiFi Keyboard App

What you need to do is, install the app and connect you phone and laptop with the same Wi-Fi access point. Now you can access the Wi-Fi keyboard and type on PC and see it typed on phone’s type box. 🙂

The only disadvantage which I feel in this app is this app hides the phone’s keyboard when you are using the Wi-Fi keyboard.

Link: Wi-Fi Keyboard

#2. Seesmic

Another amazing app, if you are addicted to Twitter or Facebook. Seemsic will provide you with an amazing interface for tweeting and Facebooking.

Seesmic Android App

I love this app more than the original Twitter and Facebook App because of its simplicity and fully interactive interface and red theme.

Link: Seesmic

#3. Remote Gallery 3D

As the name explains itself, this app is a Wi-Fi based app. It shows your phone’s gallery contents on the PC web-browser with a beautiful 3D interface. You can view the gallery images in your phone on PC without copying/transferring them to PC. The app which I am using is the lite version with limited features.

Remote Gallery 3D App

With the Paid/Pro version of this app you can watch videos stored in your phone on PC over Wi-Fi connectivity. I am sure you will love the interface of this app.

Link: Remote Gallery 3D

#4. Free SMS India

If you are in India, you might be using online free messaging sites like 160by2, way2sms etc. I preferably use way2sms but what is dislike is that they do not have a great mobile version of their site. They do not have a official Android app either.

Free SMS India App

But while searching for their official app, I came across “Free SMS India” app. This app is just unbelievably amazing, it allows you send free messages using various SMS gateways like 160by2, way2sms and few others. I must say, “Give it a try!”

Link: Free SMS India

#5. MP3 Ringtone Maker

Everyone loves a good caller ring. For making a ringtone from full track one would need a mp3 cutter and a PC.

MP3 Ringtone Maker App

MP3 Ringtone maker will allow you to make ringtones instantly from your phone. Just you need to select the starting time and ending time and you will get your best quality ringtone and set it as your caller tune.

Link: MP3 Ringtone Maker

So which Android app is your personal favorite? Do drop in your comments.