5 Websites to test your GRE, TOEFL & IELTS Preparation

I’m going to talk about 5 websites, which would help you to prepare as well as send your applications, guide you with the visa interviews and also help you with your departure to the desired country!

To get a Degree from American or European Universities, you need to take relevant exams such as the GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc. There is a lot of material available online which could help you to prepare for these competitive exams.

Here I’m going to write about 5 such websites, which would help you to prepare as well as send your applications, select Universities to apply to, guide you with the Visa interviews and also help you with the preparation for departure to the desired country!

#1. Edulix

Edulix is a large forum where you can find different sub-forums to directly get help from students who have already given the GRE or TOEFL or any other exam. You can ask them for resources, online dictionaries, wordlists or practice tests.


Edulix is a massive community of students, who share their experiences with you about their applications, admission status, Visa interviews etc.  After you are done with the GRE and TOEFL, you can post your profile in the Profile Evaluation forum, with a list of your desired universities. The moderators then reply to your post, by telling you your chances at those universities.

Link: Edulix

#2. Uniguru

This website gives you information about all the American Universities. It gives detailed info about the courses, the tuition fees, contact info, Rankings of every University in the US. It has info about Universities in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK as well.


One good feature that I liked about Uniguru is that you can read reviews of students who have been studying at a particular University.

Link: Uniguru

#3. Gre99

This is a comprehensive website that gives all information and study material and guidance for GRE/TOEFL.


It also gives secret tips and tricks that you could use while studying for the GRE. You will also find application and Visa interview guidance here.

Link: Gre99

#4. Number2

Number2 is an excellent free GRE preparation website. You have to register on the website to avail the tutorials available here.


The fact that it provides these tutorial completely free is what makes it worth a visit.

Link: Number2

#5. Happyschoolblog

HappySchoolBlog is more of a Question-Answer kind of a blog. You can ask your question in the comments section, which the author might answer later on.


You can also find a lot of GRE study material here. Apart from that, you can also find Visa interview experiences, financial information and Pre-departure information.

Link: Happyschoolblog

Do let me know if you find any other good resources for GRE preparation or admission and application counseling.


Simrandeep Singh February 11, 2011

Excellent share. This is the much required list for students these days.

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Omkar Joglekar February 15, 2011

Thanks Simrandeep 🙂

Maneet October 6, 2011

Thanks Omkar for sharing that information. It will be of great help.

studentnext November 20, 2015

Nice collection about for GRE preparation…..Thanks Omkar

Shanmugapriya May 3, 2016

Motivating approach. GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice, one hour per day makes you strong in verbal section.Try to learn 10 GRE words in a day.