Adieu to InsideOrkut – Greatest Orkut Blog Ever!

Inside Orkut

One of the greatest and first blog dedicated to orkut – InsideOrkut has been officially closed by its founder Darnell Clayton.

Darnell and his InsideOrkut inspired many geeks to start dedicated Orkut blogs. Gaurav Dua’s OrkutPlus is most notable of all of them. Darnell was the first person to tell me to go for professional blogging. I am really grateful to Darnell for his suggestions which transformed my life.

Darnell Clayton will be now continuing his blogging tryst at his personal website(blog) – and blogherald – a very famous blog.

Darnell Clayton is also a space enthusiast which is evident by his writing at colony world, a blog dedicated to highlight technological which will have impact on space exploration. Its also evident from his shared items in Google Reader! 😉

You can find Darnell on Orkut here. Once upon a time his Orkut scrapbook served a great pull of Orkut related tips & tricks. In fact, I wrote Orkutfeeds to monitor scrapbook of people like Darnell!

What will happen to all those great posts on InsideOrkut…

This is first question everyone must be asking. InsideOrkut has enormous following.  12000+ subscribers, 790 Google Friend Connect followers and tons of active commentators.

All posts will remain as it is as confirmed by Darnell in his last post on InsideOrkut. There will be no more posts but he will keep answering your genuine comments in future.

We wish success and great future for Darnell and his other blogs. 🙂


Swexollesoste December 10, 2009

Good article, great looking blog, added it to my favorites.

Vicki March 9, 2010

Nice post. deserves an oscar.