Adobe to discontinue downloads of Flash Player for Android from Playstore

As Adobe has confirmed last year, Flash is being discontinued on mobile platforms, and from tomorrow, you can no longer download the app from Playstore.

Steve Jobs has made his views public on Flash, long ago and Android has been the only big mobile platform for Adobe, since then.

Flash is not all that bad, but Adobe has failed at making it more secure and stable, especially on low powered devices. HTML5 on the other hand, is very light, stable and is based on open standards.


Even Adobe has been pushing HTML5 a lot lately, with tools like TypeKit, Dreamweaver etc., which is a good thing.

Apparently, if Adobe doesn’t do something with Flash on desktops, we’ll definitely see a day even that getting replaced with HTML5. But, that’s not going to happen so fast, with lot of content on the web being flash-based (videos, ads, etc.).

It’s already a big task for Google to update Chrome every week or so just to fix Flash security issues – because Flash is bundled with Chrome.

If you already have Flash installed on your Android, you will still get regular (and annoying) updates, and if you can’t live without Flash, you can get the .apk easily from XDA or similar Android forums.