Apple to unveil iPad Mini at Event on 23rd October 2012

There have been many rumours about Apple working on a new 7-inch iPad version, possibly being called ‘iPad Mini’. As AllThingsD reported, the smaller tablet device by Apple will be launched at a invite-only event on 23rd October. The iPad Mini was expected to be introduced at the same event at which the iPhone 5 was unveiled.

Expected iPad Mini Specs and Features

  • The iPad Mini is expected to have a 1024X768 display. The screen will be 7.85 inches.
  • The processor that powers iPad Mini will be A6 chip. It is the same that powers the iPhone 5.
  • There are rumours that the device will be Wifi only initially.
  • The new lightening connector cable introduced with iPhone 5 will also work with the new tablet.
  • The device will run on iOS6 and have the much criticized Maps app from Apple. The mapping app might not be as critically important as it was on the iPhone if iPad Mini is WiFi only.
The iPad Mini will surely be compared to Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. But it will be interesting to see who exactly does iPad Mini hurt with sales. If they are priced low, then it will life very difficult for Microsoft’s plan with Surface tablets featuring Windows 8.


Jeet October 17, 2012

Will be interesting to track the competition of android tablet vs apple tablet

Ankit October 23, 2012

They’ll be proving wrong themselves only launching it.
Anyone remembers back in 2010 they said small screen just doesnt work? LOL. Now what? It started working immediately? 😀