How to make Apple keyboards work with full functionality in Windows

Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper is an app that brings missing Windows functionality to Apple keyboards.

There is no denying that Apple makes gorgeous, best in functionality keyboards. Both the wired and wireless Apple keyboards are amazing when it comes to working with the Macs and iOS devices.

Bootcamp drivers do a great job in making Apple keyboards work well in Windows, but there are a few glitches in key mapping. What can one do to solve this?

Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper is here to the rescue. It is a simple app available for Windows. Once the app is run, all the missing Windows functionality in the Apple keyboards will be available. You can now take screenshots, control your volume, iTunes, eject CD/DVD drive and even go to the task manager. The entire key combinations is shown below :

F3 : Printscreen

F4 : Task Manager

F7 – F9 : iTunes control

F10 – F12 : System volume control

Eject : Toggles Functions / F Keys

Fn + F key triggers function (useful when in F keys mode)

Fn + Backspace : Delete

Fn + Eject : Eject CD

Right clicking the icon in the system tray will show you options to Restart, Refresh connection and Exit. You can enable/disable these key controls by navigating to the Configuration section.


There is also one amazing feature. Whenever you take a screenshot, adjust your system volume, play/pause songs or access the task manager, there is a good animation shown like in the Mac OS/iOS devices.

There is something that you should note. Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper needs .NET 4 and above installed on your computer.

Link – Apple Wireless Keyboard Helper | via Lifehacker