Apple releases updates for iOS and OS X Mountain Lion

As said by Apple in the iPhone 5 event, iOS  6 and OS X 10.8.2 has been released yesterday. iOS 6 kicks out both YouTube as well as Google Maps from the default apps list, though you can download them from the Appstore as always (Google Maps should be available soon on iOS).


Both iOS 6 and OSX 10.8.2 have deep Facebook integration, just like the Twitter integration introduced in the last iteration of iOS. Apart from that, iOS 6 sports a better Siri, Facetime over 3G, Safari tab sync, Panaroma and lot more.

The update is available for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPod Touch 4G, also for iPad 2 and 3. Apparently, older models like iPhone 3GS doesn’t get all the features – Turn by turn navigation for example. But still it’s getting the update, which is a lot better than the situation of Android phones.

Coming to OS X, Apple finally seems to fix the battery life issue with 10.8.2. I personally saw a drop of 80 minutes of battery when I upgraded to Mountain Lion from Lion. There are also updates for Gamecenter, iMessage and support for Passbook has been added.

There is also another update for mid-2012 Macbooks which fixes a OS hanging issue. The update is just 4MB in size.

Have you updated your iPhones or Macs? Make sure you do, because it’s free. 😉