Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Individual Domains [Firefox Tip]

There are a few blogs and sites that I need to open plenty of times everyday. Hence, I have assigned keyboard shortcuts to each domain so that I need not type the full URL of each domain again and again. For example, I have assigned “LH” for Lifehacker, “D” for Devilsworkshop, “M” for MobileGyaan, etc and whenever I need to open Devilsworkhop, just putting the letter “D” on address-bar opens up Devilsworkshop. There are various ways of assigning such shortcuts but in this post I am going to mention the simplest way of doing this that doesn’t even need installation of any add-on.

Assigning Shortcuts to each websites:

  • firefox shortcuts Bookmark the domain on your Firefox bookmarks list that you want to assign shortcut to
  • Open Firefox bookmarks list by pressing “ctrl+b” inside Firefox, locate the domain you just bookmarked
  • Right click on the domain and click properties
  • As seen on the image, put your desired keyword and save it!

Voila, you are done! Now anytime you you need to open the site, just enter the keyword you assigned to it on your Firefox address bar and hit enter. This way you can assign shortcuts to as many sites on your bookmarks list, provided you do not use the same keyword for two different websites.


Dnyanesh September 13, 2009

Bookmarks were invented to save any website’s URL to use visit later and save users from typing the address of the most common websites they visit. The tip is not bad, but why don’t you just click on the bookmark instead of typing?

My 2 cents..

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2009

Many geeks still prefer keyboard!
I never clicked on search bar, I always use “CTRL + K”. Similarly, I always use “CTRL+L” to go to address bar.
By the way I prefer clicking on bookmarks! 😉

bhushan patil October 11, 2009

gr8 trick