Assigning Shortcuts for Searching Contents in Individual Domains [Firefox Tip]

firefox search

Many a times I need to search content only on a particular blog/site and visiting the same domain again and again becomes a tedious task. For example, while writing new posts for DW, I link back to my previous posts and I need to search only in Devilsworkshop’s search bar for this purpose as I need only the posts written here.

To make this task easy, couple of months ago, I found a cool trick (via my friend Dnyanesh) using which, you will not have to visit the domain again to search contents in it. You can assign shortcut, for example I have assigned “DW” for devilsworkshop search and whenever I need to search anything here, I just enter “DW” followed by a space and the search keyword. You too, can assign such shortcuts for searching contents in individual domain simply by following these simple steps! 😉

Steps for Assigning Search Shortcuts in Firefox:

  • Open the desired website (in Firefox) that you want to assign shortcut to and right-click on its search bar and click “add a keyword for this search”
    dw search
  • Adw1s shown on the screenshot, add a name to the search and put your desired short keyword for the particular domain
  • Voila, you are done! Now just enter the letter “DW” followed by a space and your keyword on the Firefox address bar and hit enter!

    dw search1

That ‘s it, you will immediately land on DW’s search results page with the keywords you entered even without opening this blog! 😉