How to use Wonderwheel with Google Search

Its been a few days since Google has made its new search engine architecture open to public. It’s codenamed ‘Caffeine’. There are already a couple of posts about Google Caffeine on DW. One was posted by Akshay and the other by your’s truly 🙂 Yesterday I started to fool around with Google Caffeine again trying […]

How does Google Earth and ISRO’s Bhuvan compare?

Comparing ISRO’s Bhuvan and Google Earth is that its like comparing a child with a full grown person. Google Earth has been at doing this for a long time so obviously ISRO Bhuvan cannot really reach that level as yet. Ofocurse being an Indian there is that sense of pride one can associate with Bhuvan […]

Google Search: Caffeine and Decaf

I was quite interested in knowing more about Google Caffeine after reading the post by Akshay a couple of days ago.  So looked up some more details to see how it compares with the Google Search Engine we are using at the moment.  The new search engine which is still “work in progress ” is […]