New Editor @ Devilsworkshop

Hi all

This is Aditya and I am the new Editor in Chief at rtBlogs -rtCamp network of blogs.  Was waiting for Rahul to introduce me but looking at how busy he is I thought I might as well do it myself. 😉

About Me…

I have been a regular reader at Devilsworkshop and been a keen blogger. I dont usually blog about technology but have an addiction for view, news and opinions of anything tech related. Also passionate about reading about cricket and to be honest anything thats interesting. I noticed in the past month or so there has been a backlog of pending blog posts which I am trying to get them published on the site on a priority basis over the next day or two. I promise that once a new post is submitted I will review and publish it within 24 hours.

Hope I can live up to your expectations and we can get Devilsworkshop and other blogs back on track to its rightful glory.

I am available across all blogs and forums in the networks and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments and ideas you have. You can also email me at [email protected]
Also follow me on Twitter @bombaypirate

Just a reminder…

Blogger of the Month Contest is in its last week for this month. As fewer posts have been published this month there is a great chance for you to submit your posts before August ends and win the contest.

Keep Blogging… Keep Reading DW! 😉


Vivek August 27, 2009

Welcome to rtCamp aditya….wish you and all the DW bloggers and readers a warm relationship together.

Deepak Jain August 27, 2009

Welcome to “rtFamily” Aditya! 🙂

mostlyBlog August 28, 2009

hey congratulation for your new job, i hope we get some more action,
Best of luck

Arjun S Kumar August 28, 2009

[i]Great responsibility ahead..
welcome to rtFamily..

Aditya Kane August 29, 2009

@ vivek, deepak, mostlyBlog: Thanks
@Arjun: I know, but its a great challenge and an exciting prospect.

Harsh Agrawal August 29, 2009

Hey Aditya
Welcome to DW and good to see a new face here.. Wish you luck and hope now we going to see some great content here :)..
Since Rahul is busy we are missing lots of content..Hope you will fill the gap..

kumar September 1, 2009

Great to see your intro. Best of luck and happy editing

Arundhati September 2, 2009

Congratulations! Best of luck and happy editing!