[Cheat Sheet] Google+ Tips and Shortcuts for Windows and Mac Users

Google+ has been here for a week now. As we are exploring it, we are finding various tricks to add more functionality to Google+. We discovered a Chrome extension that lets you share Google+ posts and updates on Twitter. We also came across an online tool using which you can create easy to remember short URL […]

Use Social Translate To Translate Tweets

Social Networking sites has made this world a small place to live in. Sitting here in India you can find out what a person in France is doing, just by following him on Twitter or Facebook. Social Networking sites has undoubtedly removed international boundaries. But there are times when language becomes a barrier. What if […]

BookSmith – A Service to Publish e-book of Your Blog

Blog, or web log as it was originally known, initially started as an online journal. The idea was to bring more and more people write their thoughts on an online platform, instead of a diary, so that it can be shared with everyone. The idea was well received, as can be judged by millions of […]

Why Disabling Error Report in Windows is Not a Cool Idea?

In order to make Windows stable, Microsoft comes with an error reporting tool which is enabled by default. Every time a program crashes, a window pops up asking you to send diagnostic information to Microsoft. For those lucky souls who have never come face to face with it, this is what it looks like: As […]

Are Your Comments Working For Your Blog?

When one starts blogging, the primary concern is to get visitors. For this, various bloggers often use different strategies. Some submit their blogs to directories, some write guest posts and some use their blog url in e-mail signature.
However, the best way to get targeted traffic is to leave comments on other blogs. But how do we track this traffic?

How To Create Widgets For Your Blog Using Wolfram Alpha

Internet today is dominant with search engines, with every search engine fighting hard to grab their share of market. But in this fight, there is one search engine that stands apart-Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha, which was launched last year in May, has quietly created a niche for itself by providing calculable knowledge available to everyone. […]

Search For Similar Sounds Using FindSounds

Whenever we want to search for something, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. However, there are situations when Google is not of much help, for example while looking for images similar to an image, or while searching for people. For such situations, we have sites like Tineye-The Reverse Image Search Engine […]