Get Facebook Dislike Button For Real

dislike Lately Facebook has been hit with a lot of viral scams. One among these is about getting a dislike button. The reason this scam has been able to get viral is because people actually want to have option of disliking a status update, a picture or a video. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide such feature officially- a fact being exploited by scammers.

However it seems there is a third party extensions that actually let you add a dislike button to Facebook. This dislike button has been developed by Facemod Inc. and it lets you add a “dislike” option next to the “like” button. Facemod calls it the “THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK DISLIKE BUTTON™ ADDON”.

How to get the Dislike button?

You can add the dislike button to your Facebook account by installing a Firefox add-on.

Once you restart the browser after installing the add-on, you’ll see a page asking you to share the news about dislike button. Though it appears that this is a mandatory step to use dislike button, actually it is not.

installation complete Open your Facebook account now. You can see the Dislike Link next to the Like Link in your profile. See it in action on my profile:

dislike button in action


The extension has some drawbacks which may give you second thoughts before installing it:

  1. After you install the add-on, apart from seeing the Dislike button, you’ll also start seeing banner ads on your profile. Dislike!ads on fb profile
  2. The add-on has been released for Firefox only. That means if you want to see dislike button, you’ll have to use Firefox. Not a great news for Chrome addicts.
  3. Only people that have installed this add-on can see the things you disliked. So to tell others what you dislike, you’ll first have to invite them to install this add-on.

Considering these downsides, you may want to wait for Facebook to officially release a dislike button. But if Pete Cashmore (founder and CEO of Mashable) is to be believed, your wait can be endless!

So will you add the dislike button or wait for Facebook to officially release it?

Link: Facemod
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