Facebook admits the Need to Improve their Policies!

Facebook’s European director of policy,Richard Allan has admitted that the website needs to improve its security. The data that users delete form Facebook should be removed from site forever and permanently. Nice thought I must say.

People are always worried about what they wrote on Facebook when they were angry or just kidding. Now we all know that Facebook keeps the user’s data somewhere with them in the data center. The problem here is that some people are afraid these things can come in their way of getting selected somewhere.

When people write rude comments or things that shouldnt be written and the recruiter reads them from Facebook that sounds scary! Well , the director also said that

Hard cases make bad law and that the majority of the people using Facebook want a guarantee that their data will stay on the service, rather run the risk of any of it being deleted.

He also mentioned that Facebook user’s data comes on Google’s search result. When asked why that couldn’t be removed , he said that users had wanted the service to do so in order to push other links they didn’t like about themselves down the search engine list.

Well even I think the user’s data should be removed as and when the user wants it to be. What do you think? Share your thoughts with me here.


Facebook testing Check-ins for Events!

Facebook is testing the new feature that allows users to check-in to Facebook Places on a Facebook event page. The new feature will make Facebook places more popular and people may find it interesting to share their locations with a simple ‘yes-no’ for the event!

A blue Check In button has appeared for some on Events pages, as in the image below. The user has to have confirmed they are Attending, the current day has to be the same as the one for the Event, and users have to be geographically close enough to the event’s Facebook Place, according to All Facebook.

This new feature is only available on the mobile version of Facebook. Ah, so all people who are enjoying their Facebook on mobiles will love this feature. What about you ? Share your view with me.


Facebook Places comes to Middle East!

Facebook places allows users to check-in to locations using a mobile phone. 🙂 Earlier it was limited to a certain places only. Now it is available for Philippines, Egypt, south Africa and more!

So the thing is that Middle East gets Facebook places. This expansion was made available to all on March 18.

The feature is now enabled in Facebook’s smartphone applications on iOS and Android version 1.5.2 which up until 17th displayed a message saying ‘This feature is not yet available for your region’.

So well if you love using your mobile and Facebook then will surely keep you busy! Display your location and get Facebook check in deals. Wow, this sounds good. Share your views with me on this!


Shahrukh Khan joins Facebook !

Are you a Shahrukh Khan fan ? Well, if you love Facebook too then this news will make you happy for sure!

Recently Shahrukh Khan quit Twitter and left his 8 lac followers in despair. People started thinking that SRK is getting away from social networking but well he is not.

Shahrukh Khan is about to join Facebook soon. He is doing this to promote his forthcoming movies. Till then you can be a fan here.

Well Facebook is helping big celebrities to reach masses.

Link: IamSRK


Facebook stands 4th in ComScore’s Online Video Rank

According to a research made by comScore Facebook is ranked 4th when it comes to viewing videos online.

How many videos do you watch online ? How many are on Facebook? Well, I have observed that these days people watch and share more videos on Facebook than on any other website.

Nearly 47 million people in the U.S. watched videos on Facebook in February. More than one out of every four Americans who watched video online did so on Facebook in February. A total of 170 million watched online video content in February for an average of 13.6 hours per viewer, and total number of viewing sessions exceeding five billion.

Well, Google sites are the first one in the list. Then Microsoft and Yahoo sites respectively. So, what do you think ? Is this stats correct according to you ? How many times do you watch videos online and on which site ? Share your view with me.


Facebook Bans Sale Of Mark Zuckerberg Doll

Facebook has banned the sale of a Mark Zuckerberg doll, made by Made in Chinda Gadgets.

This doll is made by China Gadgets. Mark Zuckerberg is standing and holding a poke and like sign. This is kind of funny! This doll is making fun of our Social network’s CEO.

So I guess that is the reason, Facebook has banned the doll. I kind of like the doll. 🙂 This doll was being sold at $69.90, but it could have been the perfect gift for a Facebook addict.

What do you think ? Share your view with me.


Facebook adds another Googler to the list!

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to make itself good and popular. Recently Facebook hired an ex Googler, named Amid Zoufonoun.

Amid Zoufonoun was in Google since 2003. Zoufonoun has led major acquisitions including On2, Grandcentral (Google Voice), Metaweb, Widevine, Feedburner, and Simplify Media, according to his LinkedIn profile.


He was director of corporate development in Google. Now he is leaving Google to come to Facebook. His will continue to be director of corporate development once he starts at Facebook next week. I wonder what package Facebook offered him to join their team. 🙂

Prior to moving to Google, Zoufonoun was the director of intellectual property and corporate counsel at ArrayComm LLC. He has a BS in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University and a JD from Santa Clara’s School of Law.

Well, jokes apart this is really good. Mark Zuckerberg just wants the best minds in the market to be with him. Last month Alexandre Hohagen,Google’s head of Sales joined Facebook.


Why the new Commenting System is bad for you !

Recently I told you that Facebook removed the comment button. Well, that was kind of surprising. I am still wondering why did Facebook take this step. Anyways I have noticed a few drawbacks if you use the new commenting system.

First of all, there is nothing like write a comment look at it confirm and press ‘Comment’. It’s like when you had that button a sense of security was there. When you are sure what you have written you pressed comment. Now you just need to press ‘Enter’.

If you think you have written something out of rage and you just wish to remove it, well in that case you just have a few moments. The ‘X’ sign that used to remove the comment earlier, now is used for editing. When you wish to edit a certain something, click on ‘X’, you are given an option to edit it. But remember this is only for a few seconds or till nobody else has replied below your comment.:(

This is weird, you cannot edit the comment once written, you cannot remove it accordingly. Oh my God that is like really dangerous. So now always think before writing, no matter how angry or happy you are! I have got myself into trouble so many times but always had an option to remove my words, now it’s not like that.

Did Facebook developers want people to fight on comments or just scared of commenting? I am busy wondering the reason behind it. What about you ? Share your view with me.


The Longest Facebook Wall in the World !

We all enjoy writing on Facebook’s wall, what if there is a real wall and you could write on it. 🙂 McCollins Media has launched an application named as longest Facebook wall.

The aim of launching  this is to highlight the onset of Social Media (Marketing) and its importance in brand communications. McCollins Media have created this application named as the longest Facebook wall. This application will be available for 2 months. After two months McCollins will achieve new heights by flying a life-size print all over Dubai in a helicopter.

All people who have registered for this application, their names with profile photo will be printed on a life-size photo and will be shown all over Dubai on a helicopter. Wow, this sounds amazing! This application was released on 8 March, so we have time till 8 May. Go to this link and click on Facebook connect. Your photo will be printed on the Facebook wall.

Well, I am going to add my picture on a Facebook wall, hurry up and do the same! Let me know when you are done. 🙂

Link: Longest Facebook Wall


Facebook Removes the Comment button!

Yes, Facebook has axed down the comment button. I noticed this when I was commenting on some photographs and posts, and suddenly I realised something was missing.

Much loved little blue button that said ‘comment’ , has been removed now. Just imagine the feeling you used to get when you wrote something, checked it twice and clicked on Comment. Well, now its just write something and press ‘enter’.

Well I have started missing it. What about you all? Share your views with me on this.