New App to Delete drunken messages on Facebook and Twitter

What’s one thing you are afraid of after a fun-filled weekend ? Yes, your drunk updates, comments and tweets. There is a new app introduced in iPhone market which deletes messages on Facebook and Twitter that were put out when one was in a drunk state.

The new iPhone application – called ‘Last Night Never Happened’ – is such an application that deletes all embarrassing social network updates. It can be  bought for 1.19 pounds. It can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

This is a nice application simple to use. You just have to enter the time you are starting to drink. This app will delete all the posts starting from that time on Facebook and twitter.

This application can be a life saver for many. But, even if you are okay after drinking your tweets may get deleted any how. Well, you can decide if you are going to get drunk login to the application else do not. What do you think ? Share your view with me on this.


Mark Zuckerberg no Longer Single !

Interesting right ? Mark Zuckerberg changed his status from being single to ‘in a relationship’.


As reported, Facebook’s CEO has been dating his girlfriend Priscilla Chan since college but it was only this week that he made it clear for the world that he is in a relationship. 🙂

What could be the reason of delaying this ? It is slight surprising when Facebook’s creator himself is not so active on Facebook. By now people are so much into Facebook. Every person instead of asking the phone number asks for the Facebook ID. Share your view with me.


What if Gabbar Singh was on Facebook ?

Yes, what if Gabbar Singh was on Facebook? How would his Facebook profile look like ? Well I found this image on internet so thought of sharing with you all. Have a look at the image and let me know what you think of it. 🙂

It’s really funny to see Gabbar’s likes and friends. 🙂 This is a nice example of creativity. I think almost anything can be done with Photoshop. 🙂 What say !


Rcom launches new Facebook mobile Application

Reliance and Facebook announced the launch of a new Facebook mobile app exclusively available for Reliance subscribers in India for a 3 month period. Finally! I always thought why doesn’t Reliance do something like this.

This new app will be available for all Java powered mobile phones. You do not need a smart phone for such purpose. The new Facebook app for Java-powered feature phones will be made available for most of the popular handset models in India. Reliance customers who are also Facebook users can now stay connected on their mobile phones without having to upgrade to a smart phone.

Reliance will be the first and only operator in India to offer this app.  Reliance is providing a special promotional offer where all users can enjoy this app free for three months without incurring any data charges.1. This app provides a ‘smartphone like’ experience on feature phones by showing features like viewing photos, synchronizing your local phone contacts with your Facebook friends and  Facebook login to third-party services within the app, such as news, sports, games, and weather.

The app will be available for Reliance Communications customers to download without any extra data charges from R World on their Reliance phones by typing – Did you try this on your phone ? If yes then share your experience with me and if not then try it soon and let me know. 🙂


Facebook Credits come to India

Facebook’s much-loved feature is the Facebook games. Farmville, Cityville, Cafeworld and many more. Most people log in to Facebook everyday to check their farms, city or restaurant and they need Facebook credits to get the good stuff in the game. 🙂 Now, Facebook credits come to India.

Who ever plays Facebook games must be knowing Facebook Credits. We have once written how to get those credits, for free. In games like sorority life I have tried many times to get credits and saw that these things are not for India. As reported by msn, Facebook credits are made available for Indians now.

Beam, a mobile-commerce company, has sought the Reserve Bank of India’s permission to make Facebook Credits available in India. Beam’s Chairman and Managing Director Anand Shrivastav said,

We have a young subscriber base (60 per cent of Beam’s users are below 25) and are, therefore, driven by what they want us to do.

Facebook gives points to subscribers based on usage and lets users buy virtual stuff on the site. It retains 30 per cent as fee. Facebook Credits reached a new level of popularity earlier this month when Warner Brothers decided to stream Batman: The Dark Knight on the site. We Indian’s missed the chance to watch it online because of the unavailability of Facebook credits here.

For 30 Facebook Credits (equivalent of $3), one could have watched the 2008 movie over 48 hours, with an unlimited amount pauses. So, is that a threat to other mobile service providers ? Will this service be available to only Beam users ? Share your likes and dislikes here about the news.


Share music on Facebook with Shazam

Do you have a smart phone ? Do you like using Shazam ? Well if answer to both of your questions is yes then you may find this interesting enough.

Now with the update available for Apple iOS today, users can tag music and immediately upload it on Facebook to share with their friends. These tagged and featured songs will be available for others also to see, if they too have the app activated and updated.

Alex Musil, Executive Vice President Product Marketing, at Shazam said,

Over three million songs are Shazamed each day, and thousands of these are shared individually by people on Facebook every day. Shazam Friends now makes it effortless for you to see, preview, add to your tag list, and buy a track that your friends have discovered or listened to using Shazam.

It’s always nice to listen to your friend’s choice. If I am given a choice to listen to some random song, I will definitely ask for my friend’s choice.

How to use Shazam ?

  • Download the app on your mobile phone or iPod touch.
  • Hold the device up to a song that’s playing on the radio, in a coffee shop, in a store etc.
  • Hold it still for about a minute and the app will tell you the name of the song and the artist.
  • You then have the option to buy the song, share it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

In Nokia phones you get a 30 day trial version, you can choose to buy also. what do you think ? Did you try this out ? Share your view with me.


Ask a Question: Facebook Relaunches it’s Feature

Did you notice today, that you can ask a question to many people on Facebook. Facebook relaunched it’s much-loved feature, Facebook Questions.

According to this feature, you can ask a certain question to many Facebookers. 🙂 We had this feature earlier also but with a difference.

All questions are still public, and answers by all users to the same question are listed on the same page. The difference is that each user gets a personalized view of the responses, ranked by what their friends voted on. Think of each answer as an anonymous poll where your friends’ answers are emphasized.

The questions are in a personalized way. Earlier it was for market research. Users can either add their own response, or just check a box to agree with answers already given by others. Specific places or products can be quickly included by linking to the appropriate Facebook page.

What do you think ? Share your view with me here. Do you like the return of Facebook Questions ? 🙂


Facebook Deletes 20,000 Underage user’s Profile Everyday!

Facebook has revealed that it deletes almost 20,000 underage user’s Facebook profile. Well, that is something good which Facebook does.

Facebook has a policy with strict age limits, but thousands of children lie about their age to gain access to the site. The chief privacy adviser for the site, Mozelle Thompson, spoke with the Australian Federal Parliament’s cyber-safety organization and noted that the site deals with child users all the time,

There are people who lie. There are people under thirteen. Facebook removes twenty thousand people a day, people who are underage.

The company said,

At Facebook, we take safety very seriously and we were pleased to take part in a hearing in Australia to talk about our safety policies, practices and systems.As we explained in the hearing, these efforts include removing numerous accounts everyday for activities including spamming, posting inappropriate content, and violating age restrictions.

What do you think about it ? Feel free to share your view.


Facebook Testing new Friend Requests!

Sending friend requests and making friends is one of the most loved features of Facebook. Facebook is testing a new way to do so.


Now the friend request shows you how many friends that person has, number of photos wall post ,etc. Well, this is a nice way to give you some insight about the other person.

This is only available for people who are using Facebook’s new messages. The image you are seeing above is taken from a Facebook user’s messages. Previously, these messages only contained a link to confirm the friendship and telling how many mutual friends you have.

How many of you experienced this new friend requests ? Share your view with me.


Facebook Joins about and Info Tab into one, on Facebook Page

Earlier Facebook had two tabs separately for info and about. Today Facebook reconciled these two into one.

What do you think ? Will this make Facebook pages clutter free ? I kind of like this. There wasn’t any use of keeping two tabs, one will be more than enough. Instead, ‘about’ comes on the left hand side of the Facebook page.

What was creating problem is that when we tried to edit one tab then both got updated. Info and About were creating a nuisance, no more! What do you think ? Observe these and let me know.