Delete your Credit Card details from Facebook ads without adding a new one [How-to]

Are you a blogger or a Facebook Page owner? Then the most trending thing these days on Facebook for you must be Facebook ads and sponsored posts. Lots of websites, bloggers and bigger brands are promoting their products using Facebook ads. It’s a good way to interact with customers of similar interest.

As expected the rolling in to this ad program is easy but it’s difficult to opt out. The only reason why I am saying this is that they will store your Credit Card Details and you cannot delete it without providing details of another payment method. Even if you don’t have any active ads there but there’s always a risk that they might charge you for your ads if you click something mistakenly or you have selected “promote my latest post” while creating an ad campaign.

To avoid this you have following two options in which you don’t need to enter another payment option:

1. Closing your ads account completely:

First option that you have is to close your Facebook ad account. This will suspend your Facebook Ad account and indirectly all your payment options associated with it will be deleted. To do this, click on the Gear icon on the header of your Facebook page and select “Manage Ads” from the list.
Facebook Ad Account close (1)After that click Settings from the left sidebar and then click Close Ads Account as shown below.
Facebook Ad Account close (2)

Just confirm your suspension after that and you account will be closed. This will also delete all your payment and credit card details.

2. Directly deleting your Credit Card:


You can also delete your credit card details directly but not by visiting “Ad Manager”, rather you can delete it from the account settings itself. This method is simple but I recommend you to suspend your Ads first as given in the above method.

You can directly delete it by going to your account settings page. After that click “Payments” from the left sidebar and check your payment methods by clicking “Manage” on that page as shown below. Click remove to delete your payment method.

Facebook Ad Account close (4)That’s it, by using these two methods you don’t have to enter alternate payment details and you can easily opt out of Facebook ads program. Please drop a comment below for any assistance regarding Facebook ads.
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How to enlarge locked Facebook profile pictures

After Google plus, we finally found a way by which you can enlarge a profile picture of locked Facebook profile pictures album. People on Facebook lock their profile pictures so that it can’t be misused by their friends or any other Facebook user. Obviously anybody will not use a small 160x160px picture anywhere because faces on such a small picture are hardly visible. But what if someone can enlarge it up to 720x720px? Let’s see how you can do it.

  1. Open a profile with lock profile pictures album for example this profile:

  1. Now right click on the profile picture and click “Copy image URL”. For example the URL of image for the above profile link is: small facebook profile picture 3. In the above link change 160×160 with 720×720, so your new link will be: enlarged facebook profile pictureThats it, you can also give this trick a try with any Facebook profile with locked profile pictures. Please note that by this post we don’t want to give a new option to profile stalkers to invade user privacy and misuse their pictures. This post is just to aware people that your profile picture is not safe even if it’s locked.

Happy Facebooking. 🙂


All about Facebook’s new Graph Search

Facebook is all set to introduce a new feature and completely change the way we search for people and stuff on it. It is the Facebook’s new “Graph Search”. Since Facebook is huge and there are more than a billion people and more than 240 billion photos on it, so “Graph Search” will allow users to find people with similar interests like music, places, food, sports e.t.c. According to Facebook “The first version of Graph Search focuses on four main areas — people, photos, places, and interests.” Let’s see how to search for something on it and how to get your beta version.

How to use Facebook’s Graph Search?

This Graph Search seems like (not exactly same) a text version of Apple’s Siri. You can search for people, photos, places, interests and make new connections. Once you start typing it automatically suggests relevant content in a drop down list. You can filter your results using tools on the right sidebar of search results page. Check out some example of searches below:

  • People who like tennis and live nearby.
  • Photos before 1990.
  • Photos of my friends in New York.
  • Sushi restaurants in Palo Alto my friends have liked.
  • Tourist attractions in Italy visited by my friends.

How Graph Search works?

Graph Search looks for search results based on your friend’s posts shared with you or post from other people on Facebook who shared it publicly with everyone. That means search results will be different for different users. Facebook made it very clear that no private posts will be shown in the search results.

Also there will be no change in your current privacy settings. If you don’t want to share your posts like location, tags or posts you can change it on your Activity Log.

When you can start using it?


Currently beta version of “Graph Search” is out but it is available to a small number of people who are using Facebook in English (US). If you wish to use the beta version you can join the waiting list. Open this page and click “Join Waiting List” at the bottom of page.


facebook graph search screenshots facebook graph search screenshots facebook graph search screenshots

Quick Links:

  • To join the waiting list, click here.
  • To try it now and see how Privacy works with Graphs, click here.

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How to schedule a post on your Facebook Page

If you admin many pages on Facebook then it’s not possible to update each one of them all the time. For this you can schedule your posts and publish them later on according to your scheduled date and time. Yes we can schedule a post on Facebook pages. Let’s check out how you can do this.

Scheduling a post on your page:

To schedule a post on your Facebook page, open the page and write a status or select a photo to share it with your fans. Then click on small clock icon given below the space provided for a status. After that add year, month and date when you want your status to get automatically updated. You can also select specific time on that day. Check out the screenshot below:

Schedule a post on Facebook

Finally click Schedule to add your status to your page’s timeline which will be automatically updated on your specified date and time.

Backdate your post:

Missed some important update on your page? Don’t worry you can also backdate a post on your page with the same procedure, just select a date from past while updating.

Please note that this feature is for your pages only. You can backdate a post on your Facebook timeline profile but cannot schedule one.

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Show your New Year’s Resolution to the World with Google

All of us just love to make New Year’s resolution every year (even if we don’t feel like fulfilling them afterwards) and we love to share it with our family and friends. This year you can take it to the next level with Google’s 2013 resolutions map and share it not only with your loved ones but with the whole world. You can also read everyone else’s resolutions who shared it on Google Zeitgeist.

How to share your New Year’s Resolution on Google?

To share your Resolution open the website:


Then click “Add your 2013 resolution to the map”. Then type your Resolution in the Box #1, your Postal Code in Box #2 and select your country from the drop down list in Box #3. Finally select the category of your resolution from a drop down list on the same page. There are total 7 categories i.e. Love, Health, Career, Finance, Family, Education, Others; you can choose most suitable category for your resolution. Please note that you can share it in your native language and Google will translate it automatically in different languages depending upon the reader’s location. Once submitted, your resolution will be shared with the world in 24-48 hours.

On the same Resolution Page you can read other people’s resolution in your native language. To read a resolution rollover your mouse cursor on a dot on the world’s map and it will show a bubble with a resolution and its category.

google new year resolution 2013

You can also share your resolution with us in the comments section below. We would love to read them. 🙂

In case you are from India then don’t forget to check today’s Google homepage i.e. to see a small candle as a tribute to Delhi gang-rape victim.

Google's Tribute

May Her Soul Rest in Peace…


How to control who can comment on your public updates

Lots of Facebook users are facing a general issue that anyone can comment on their public updates, including people who are not added to their friend’s list. Well it’s not that there is something wrong with Facebook, it’s just a simple setting that most of the users are missing.


The thing you are missing here is the subscriber settings. Mostly people look for this option in Privacy Settings but it’s actually hidden in your subscriber settings because Facebook is still continuing with its old habit of making things confusing for users. Now all you have to do is to go to your Account settings and then click subscriber settings tab. Alternative you can click the link below:

Now see settings for “Subscriber Comments” and select accordingly. Select Public (Including Subscribers) if you want anyone to comment or like your public stuff. This option is by default and this is the reason why anyone can comment on your Cover Pictures if your subscribers are enabled. You can disable public comments by select Friends from the same drop down list of “Subscriber Comments”.

Facebok anyone can comment

This is it; you don’t have to click save or anything, settings will be saved automatically. Please drop a comment below for any doubts.



Websites where you can buy iPad mini in India

After iPhone 5, Apple launched its latest tablet in India i.e. iPad Mini and iPad 4 a couple of days back. As expected; the product is out of stock but some websites still have them. Let’s have a look at the websites where you can get your iPad Mini in India and the best price for it. The official price for this tablet is 21,900 INR and you have to pay at least this amount to buy one. You can try coupon codes if you have them but Great Online Shopping Festival coupons are not applicable here.

ipad mini buy india online

Websites, Price and Delivery Time:

Flipkart: Its one of the most popular e-commerce website of India. The price tag is same 21,900 but unfortunately this device is currently out of stock for the 16GB model in both the colors. You can go for a 32GB model which is in stock and will be delivered in 2-4 days.


Homeshop18: Search on Google about the online price of iPad mini in India and most of the websites will say that Homeshop18 is giving it for 19,400 INR, well that’s not true, the price is same on this website as well and the product is currently out of stock. Once it’s available, the website will take 5-6 days to deliver it to you. So it will be better if you order it from Flipkart.

Snapdeal: Same official price, but it’s out of stock on this website.

MirchiMart: Product is in stock here and the expected delivery time is 2-4 days. You can also use their EMI option (check the website for more details). This website is not very popular as compared to other Indian e-commerce website. May be that’s the reason why iPad Mini is available but since I have never ordered something from this website so I can’t tell you about the site. If you have ordered something then don’t forget to share your views with us. Price is same 21,900 for the basic model.

Saholic: In stock and the product will be delivered next day for Delhi and will take a couple of days for Mumbai. You can check the delivery time for other cities on their website. EMI option is also available here. Same price tag.

Tradus: In stock, 3-5 days delivery time and it’s a popular website but still I won’t recommend it to you because of the price. You have to pay 25,999 for the basic model, so it’s better to buy a 32GB version from Flipkart than this 16GB model.

Please share your views about these websites or if you have already ordered an iPad online. Drop a comment below for any doubt. 🙂



How to Reduce Facebook Notification Volume!

Facebook notifications are actually meant for getting notified when somebody interacts with you. We get a notification when somebody likes, comments or tags you in a post or even when someone comments on a post after your comment. But most of the times we get useless updates mostly from the applications or groups even if we stopped using them. Lets tell you how you can get only relevant and useful updates in your notifications.

How to Reduce Facebook Notification Volume!

  1. First of all open your notifications by clicking on the earth icon given in the top header of Facebook with inbox icon. Now rollover your mouse on the notification that you don’t wanna see in future and click cross to turn off that notification in future. See the screenshot below:
    useless notificationsThen confirm it by clicking “Turn off”.
    useless notifications-1After doing this you won’t see any further updates from that Application or post. This is the simplest way to unsubscribe from a post.
  2. Secondly go to the page, on this page we have an option of turning off notifications from a particular group or app. For groups, go to “Group posts” on the same page and select off for some or all of your groups as shown below:
    useless notifications-2For an app, select “
    Notifications from apps” on that page and uncheck the box given with every app to unsubscribe:
    useless notifications-3

That’s it, now you will get only selected updates. Please note that apart from apps and groups, you can also turn off notification from a post in the same way as given in Step 1. Please drop a comment below for any help.


How to enable Facebook Public Profiles

Facebook Public Profiles, a very important feature specially for bloggers who want to show their Facebook profile on their website.   It’s a very nice and easy way to interact and stay connected with your blog’s readers. But we all know that nothing is easy on Facebook. If your public profile is disabled then it will show content unavailable page as shown below:

Facebook Public Profile Not Showing

Let’s tell you how to enable your Public Profile.

How to Enable Facebook Public Profiles?

For this you have to change two major settings in your Facebook account.

  1. Enable Public Search: First of all enable public search i.e. anyone can search you on Facebook and outside it. For this go to your Privacy Settings (Click Here) and click “Edit Settings” for “Ads, Apps and Websites”. Check the screenshot below:
    Now scroll down the page and click “Edit Settings” Button for “Public Search”. Now check the box “Enable Public Search”.
  2. Secondly go to your Privacy Settings (Click Here) again and click “Edit Settings” for “How You Connect”. Then select “Everyone” from the drop down list for “Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?” and click done.

That’s it, now log out of Facebook and open your profile’s link; it will show your Public Profile. A highly recommended  suggestion to you is that you should always allow your blog readers or other Facebook users to subscribe to your public updates else there’s no use of a public profile. To allow subscribers subscribe to your profile simply check the “Allow Subscribers” box on this page.

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How to delete all Facebook messages at once

There is a huge list of features that are still missing on Facebook, and one of them is the power of deleting multiple messages at once. Some people don’t like keeping messages in their inbox but they have to as it’s a very difficult task to delete conversation one by one. Moreover there’s not just a single click procedure to delete a conversation, you have to follow a small procedure which is quite annoying when you have so many friends and conversations on Facebook. Let’s tell you a simple and a much faster way to delete multiple messages from your inbox.


To delete all messages from your inbox, you just have to install a simple extension to your Google Chrome. This extension is Facebook Fast Delete Messages. To add this extension to your Google Chrome Browser please click the extension’s permalink below and click “Add to Chrome”:

Now restart your browser and open Facebook inbox. You will see a red cross with each conversation. Click it to directly delete the message with a single click. You will also see a “Delete All” Button on the top of messages; click that button to delete all messages on that page with a single click. Check the screenshot below.

Are you still using Firefox?

Well don’t worry if you are not using Google chrome, we have a similar script for Firefox as well i.e. Message quick-delete buttons. Click the script and install it to Firefox-Greasemonkey.


Points to be noted!


Please note that

  1. Don’t forget to cross check whether your messages have deleted or not, sometimes when you delete messages with this Chrome extension and you refreshe the page, Facebook starts showing the deleted messages again. Always refresh the page after deleting and make sure that deleted messages are not there.
  2. I have personally tested and using Google Chrome Extension but never used the Firefox script. Hopefully that will work.
  3. We are always here for you, in case you are facing some difficulty please drop a comment below. 🙂

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