How to schedule a post on your Facebook Page

If you admin many pages on Facebook then it’s not possible to update each one of them all the time. For this you can schedule your posts and publish them later on according to your scheduled date and time. Yes we can schedule a post on Facebook pages. Let’s check out how you can do this.

Scheduling a post on your page:

To schedule a post on your Facebook page, open the page and write a status or select a photo to share it with your fans. Then click on small clock icon given below the space provided for a status. After that add year, month and date when you want your status to get automatically updated. You can also select specific time on that day. Check out the screenshot below:

Schedule a post on Facebook

Finally click Schedule to add your status to your page’s timeline which will be automatically updated on your specified date and time.

Backdate your post:

Missed some important update on your page? Don’t worry you can also backdate a post on your page with the same procedure, just select a date from past while updating.

Please note that this feature is for your pages only. You can backdate a post on your Facebook timeline profile but cannot schedule one.

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